Let’s push to the weekend ladies and gents....

Feb 06, 2020,05:04 AM

Rainy in Philly, pulled the diver out....

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Great choice for a rainy day.

 By: Thomas_3 : February 6th, 2020-07:22
Nice watch.

Thank you Sir.

 By: Ted-Lo : February 6th, 2020-07:34
What’s occupying your wrist?

Today and all of this month

 By: Thomas_3 : February 6th, 2020-08:04
is my TAG Carrera Twin-Time, so I can keep track of the time difference of where my son is, New Zealand. I like the watch but don't seem to wear it as much as I do my others.

That’s mechanically sentimental...

 By: Ted-Lo : February 6th, 2020-08:10
To have a watch which connects you to your son. You know they say every watch has a story, this is one for the ages.

Excellent choice.

 By: Lankysudanese : February 6th, 2020-08:24
I don’t see this watch too often. Suits you well. Stay dry my friend ;-)

Thank you much Sir.

 By: Ted-Lo : February 6th, 2020-08:32
Appreciate your compliments, I hope all is well where you are.

The Cartier diver is a very nice watch

 By: brauner : February 6th, 2020-09:58
come rain or come shine🌧🌞

This a good point dear Sir -

 By: Ted-Lo : February 6th, 2020-10:04
A novice like me is learning to be prepared for all varieties of weather. 🌨🌪🌪🔥🔥🔥❄️🌧💦🌥⛅️🌦🌤☀️🌈

Thank you very much Sir.

 By: Ted-Lo : February 6th, 2020-20:46
Aspiring to someday get some of the awesome pieces in your collection.

Good choice, Ted

 By: George Gently : February 6th, 2020-22:29
combined with that raincoat, nothing to be worried about. Regards, George.

Appreciate that good Sir.

 By: Ted-Lo : February 6th, 2020-22:46
I was happy to be prepared for the elements.

Great Diver

 By: Geo : February 7th, 2020-00:02
Finally something different to what we are used to, when it comes to Divers. Cool shot my friend. GEO

Thank you Geo...

 By: Ted-Lo : February 7th, 2020-04:15
Love your Cartier’s also, you inspired me from a Cartier perspective.