I was wearing my Santos today

Mar 16, 2020,09:44 AM

I put my steel/gold Cartier Santos on my wrist today and took a short walk outside. I was enjoying nice weather.  

I felt that the bracelet was too tight on my wrist.

But luckily it is easy to put a link to the bracelet making it more comfortable. That's why i decided on putting an extra link to the bracelet after getting home. 

The watch has a quick set bracelet and it is easy to take off the watch, which makes it easier to handle. 

Setting a link to the bracelet goes also easily. By pressing the upper side on the link you may release the pin and take a link off. After doing that you can put an extra link to the bracelet.

Then only press the pin with your thumb that locks the link to the bracelet.

Now the bracelet feels more comfortable.

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Thank you for these tutorial pictures Jari

 By: Geo : March 16th, 2020-11:47
It gives a good idea, how easy it is to adjust the bracelet or to swob the bracelet for the leather strap. GEO

Good choice

 By: Jari from Finland : March 18th, 2020-04:17
Looks nice.