Changing Cartier Santos 100 18K/SS bracelet to Leather

Oct 23, 2013,18:22 PM


Anyone here would be able to advise if I can change from the bracelet style to leather using the existing deployment buckle or do I have to buy a new one that fits a leather strap? I have gotten very confused because I went to the Cartier boutique and they did not tell me that I can use my existing buckle but instead to get a new one ( Santos 100 Deployment Buckle - MX004XS8/ MX002177 at  USD$890 excluding the leather strap).

Watch model : W200728G

This is my watch model below :
 [URL link not working]

and I want to buy the leather strap only using the existing bracelet deployment buckle to have this look below>> 
[URL link not working]

Any Cartier watch pros here can advise?


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Santos 100 bracelet to leather strap

 By: Depechemode : October 23rd, 2013-23:25
Hi Kos, The existing buckle on your Santos watch cannot be used on a Santos 100 buckle as the dimensions are quite different. The buckle reference that Cartier staff has suggested to you is based on a gold and steel combination, as in your current watch. ... 

Cartier Santos 100 XL 18K/Stainless Steel bracelet to leather

 By: koshiru : October 24th, 2013-10:19
Hi Depechemode, I made a mistake, mine is actually a XL size at 38MM and gold and steel combination. thats why its confusing. This is my current watch [Sales website URL deleted as per forum rules] This is what I would like my watch to be by just changing... 

Both buckles are different

 By: Geo : October 24th, 2013-12:54
The buckle of the steel/steel Santos 100 may have the same dimensions as the one on the steel/leather Santos 100, on the inside there is the difference. The steel/leather buckle has those sharp loops to fold back the leather strap, something that the stee...  

Thanks Geo for the clarification

 By: MTF : October 25th, 2013-01:03
Geo, Thanks for the additional clarification. DepecheMode is also very familiar with Cartier watches and you both confirm that a different buckle is required. Regards, MTF

Thank you for the effort to explain and post the pics

 By: koshiru : November 4th, 2013-19:10
My sincere apologies MTF that I posted some random sales thread to show the actual pics as I was in a hurry to purchase the deployant buckle from Ebay. I have already went ahead to buy the leather strap buckle and i am so pleased with it! I made a compari... 

It was GEO who gave the right answers

 By: MTF : November 4th, 2013-21:40
koshiru, Please thank Geo for the photos and explanation of the differences in buckles. Actually, 'depeche mode' also answered but without photos. Regards, MTF

Thanks everyone here who helped me esp DM, GEO & MTF

 By: koshiru : November 5th, 2013-19:24
I will post pics when i have them changed at my regular watch guy shop.

You're very welcome anytime!

 By: Geo : November 6th, 2013-07:08
Glad that it worked out for you. GEO

Converting bracelet to leather

 By: honey62 : February 19th, 2018-10:05
Good day koshiru...I know the thread is a bit dated but I am hoping you can respond. Did you ever convert your watch. I am trying to find the correct part numbers. I have the Santos 100 XL. is the correct strap KD95JM52 and the ss/gold buckle MX004XS8? Th... 

Cartier Santos 100 XL conversion

 By: koshiru : February 20th, 2018-20:20
Hi honey62, Yes I managed to convert my bracelet Santos 100 XL (not Chrono XL) to leather and the ss/gold buckle MX004XS8. Hope this helps! What is your current watch model? #W20091X7? If you are purchasing from the Cartier boutique, you can always bring ... 

Cartier santos 100 leather strap to braclet stap possible?

 By: rainbowsticks : November 8th, 2018-21:50
Hi, I am very new to Cartier watches. I have recently purchased a cartier santos 100 with leather strap. I am wondering if I can change the strap to chain bracelet type? Where would you recommend me to get the chains from? Thank you!!

Most likely only from Cartier.

 By: jomni1 : November 8th, 2018-23:07
Did you ask them already?