Bulgari Revolution Octo Finissimo Limited Edition 50 Pieces

Dec 24, 2016,09:17 AM

Passing by one of the Singapore Bulgari Boutiques and tried my luck whether I would see the Octo limited edition for Revolution there.

Really luck stands with me, as told my the boutique staff that they have one (out of 50) available in the boutique as they have brought in few pieces for a dinner event last night.

My impression on this piece is very light, eye catching grey dial with Roman numerals hour indices, well constructed grey color titanium case, very thin round sharp movement with good finishing overall in open case back.

Taken some pics for your viewing pleasure too.


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I have to be lucky with only 50 pieces ;-)

 By: Alkiro1 : December 24th, 2016-09:33
Best wishes Alkiro

I'd like to try one...

 By: patrick_y : December 24th, 2016-11:30
Really quite thin, impressively thin. Interesting and futureproof design. Well designed case. Good looking dial. Movement finishing, specifically anglage could be more rounded and better polished. Maybe the plates are too thin (since it's an ultra thin mo... 

Amazing build watch

 By: Geo : December 24th, 2016-12:19
Really gorgeous design too and absolute great looking, but on the other hand it is so dead, so boring, that I am sure that I would be done with it in two days, despite it great looks and superb technology.. GEO

thanks Geo, the movement is old school caliber...

 By: Stefan : December 26th, 2016-05:24
... i find it interesting is because it combined classic movement with contemporary case design... whether it is boring, time will tell. stefan

This Bulgari range is stunning!

 By: Makilla : December 24th, 2016-15:52
And titanium color matches the design nicely

Thanks for the pics Stefan. Really nice :)

 By: jrwong23 (aka watchthebin) : December 25th, 2016-01:01
seems Revo, Hodinkee etc have many LE editions this year. Are we over-doing it as a community ? Cheers Robin

don't know...

 By: Stefan : December 26th, 2016-05:25
... but co-branding watch is not a new concept. stefan

Of course

 By: jrwong23 (aka watchthebin) : December 26th, 2016-05:27
Probably the industry needs all the LEs and SEs and more LEs and more SEs and ..... no innovation due to cost pressures.... vicious cycle ...

As long as they all come in that nice, I really don't mind.

 By: kolosstt : December 26th, 2016-23:46
As this model is really more than just another dial color, some printed logo or whatsoever, I am really tempted by it. If all would result in such nice advancements, why not. Cheers, Kolosstt

Great piece indeed!!

 By: moc : December 25th, 2016-11:43
Love this one Mo