a little Diagono lug detail

Mar 24, 2021,19:58 PM

greetings all,

noticing this while changing the straps of my DIagonosmile there r tiny rubber bushing to prevent u from over screw and damaging the teeth...

i did not noticing this and end up having two rubber bushing overlapping each other on one side of the lug and causing a bit of protruding eyesore:P 

so now u all knowsmile 



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Very cool, Ed

 By: Brandon Skinner : March 24th, 2021-21:53
I like attention to the parts sometimes we ignore. For instance... the heavy duty gold screws belonging to an older Peter Speake-Marin ...  

That is gorgeous,

 By: iulianbutum : March 25th, 2021-11:19


 By: lien : March 26th, 2021-23:29