Mamma mia, you want me to die? :)))

Jun 09, 2023,20:40 PM

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You have to love Paris

 By: jlc.thomsen : June 8th, 2023-19:43
Especially Nico’s neighbourhood. Great wines, a great watch and a great book in one day. I love great. ...  


 By: InHavenPro : June 8th, 2023-19:45

Oh wow....

 By: BigFatPauli : June 8th, 2023-20:03

So true.

 By: jlc.thomsen : June 8th, 2023-20:24
He matches the great well doesn’t he?

Yes a true killer.

 By: jlc.thomsen : June 8th, 2023-21:05
My heart skipped a beat when I finally picked it up after the long wait. I kept looking at the watch walking out from the shop, but forgot to read the time. I’m sure we all know that feeling.😂 I’ll get to the strap. Need to think.

Makes the recent fail all the more painful!

 By: Arronax : June 8th, 2023-23:52
They could have at least done a limited edition no date version...but it's OK, I'll just wait for the purists special edition type 20


 By: jlc.thomsen : June 9th, 2023-16:23
I happened to be at the launch event, which was great. The good news is that the new movement can fit in a 39-40 mm case and the rumours would say that there will be more purist oriented editions.

Thanks Nico.

 By: jlc.thomsen : June 9th, 2023-16:20
Yes it is out of this world and thanks for holding the line while I was getting this fish out!

Thanks Patrick. Yes 2x premier cru.

 By: jlc.thomsen : June 9th, 2023-16:27
Here’s a pick in the Paris sunshine this morning ...  

Haha yes he’s not a lawyer for nothing.

 By: jlc.thomsen : June 10th, 2023-13:56
And he’s good at it. It’s his profession to be right in the all the dust has settled♥️

Very true!

 By: patrick_y : June 10th, 2023-15:13


 By: amanico : June 10th, 2023-15:17


 By: patrick_y : June 10th, 2023-13:38

Wine, watch and book

 By: Jp75 : June 9th, 2023-07:47
What a great type xx and also combination of great “hobbies”: Wine, watch and book These pleasures are really making life so enjoyable Enjoy the breguet really love the clean patina - better than the recent launches, huh? J

You’re right on every topic here.

 By: jlc.thomsen : June 9th, 2023-16:35
Thanks JP Here’s the book BTW-almost forgot about it. ...