Inside a Breguet Type XX

Sep 13, 2017,02:00 AM

What is inside?

How is the movement finished?

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I love the perlage but what I do not like of automatic watches is that the rotor covers a great part of the movement, and it is a real shame. As a consequence in my opinion micro-rotors are great find because they do not cover the movement as much as a

 By: PP5170G : September 13th, 2017-02:09
Normal rotor does. I noticed that high end brands are more and more improving to make their watches manual winding or at least automatic with the micro rotor, which I find really charming if done well (Laurent Ferrier is the non plus ultra in this context... 

Agree on this

 By: keks : September 13th, 2017-09:53
I too prefer microrotors in most cases, particularly for pieces with a see through case back. There are some brands that manage to make beautiful winding rotors however but certainly in the minority...

Nice to see

 By: Joepny : September 13th, 2017-04:25
Lemania workhorse. It has not changed for decades.

A rare glimpse...

 By: KMII : September 13th, 2017-06:29
Thanks for sharing it - nice to see.

Thanks for sharing

 By: keks : September 13th, 2017-09:51
Great reliable movement. Got a glass back on my xx...

Sorry late post on such an old thread but

 By: NNX : May 14th, 2018-13:07
You have an open case back type xx because you have a platinum limited edition­čĄö?Thanks

Thank you

 By: NNX : May 15th, 2018-11:31
Now if only there were a bespoke option for a case back like for rolex­čĄö

Very late to the game...

 By: ripper444 : July 7th, 2018-18:09
Is this a reliable movmenet or finicky?