I’m not sure if I can pull off an all gold watch...

Apr 16, 2021,07:40 AM

But this is now on my radar!

Photo taken from internet

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Great watch. I regret not keeping mine.

 By: shafran : April 16th, 2021-07:57
I had the blue dial

You will need a polishing cloth if you buy that one

 By: cazalea : April 16th, 2021-08:15
I always wonder why dealers don't clean the watches before taking photos! Good luck on the gold! Cazalea

Not sure!

 By: Steve (UK) : April 16th, 2021-11:31
This is a homage military pilot watch, does gold suit this model! I feel the same about the IWC XII in gold, does not look right...imho.

I can tell you one thing

 By: Geo : April 16th, 2021-11:31
If you never had a Breguet XX before, you will love the comfort of this bracelet, with its blind closure. The watch wears so much more comfortable than any Rolex, or Speedmaster. George