Haha. A very good song :)

Jan 25, 2023,14:32 PM

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A good day for a Breguet.

 By: fernando : January 25th, 2023-04:25
Puts a smile on my face. Have a great day! ...  

Would be smiling all day looking at this one.😍

 By: ArmisT : January 25th, 2023-04:43
Which model is this? WG or platinum? Truly exceptional.

My pleasure, thank you.

 By: fernando : January 25th, 2023-04:57

This version is outstanding.

 By: MichaelC : January 25th, 2023-05:02
I can see it being a source of pure joy!

Thank you Michael!

 By: fernando : January 25th, 2023-05:38

That’s a beauty!

 By: GWIS : January 25th, 2023-06:47
And I’m sure the motion of the movement is mesmerising. Best wishes Jon

I think so too. ;)

 By: fernando : January 25th, 2023-14:28

A beautiful piece!

 By: patrick_y : January 25th, 2023-10:50
I generally dislike DATES on most watches. But I don't dislike this one! The La Tradition is one of my favorite models in the Breguet collection.

Haha. A very good song :)

 By: fernando : January 25th, 2023-14:32

Every time!

 By: blau : January 25th, 2023-11:41

Lovely, thanks for sharing.

 By: fernando : January 25th, 2023-14:33

Thank you Fab!

 By: fernando : January 25th, 2023-14:33

Breguet tradition...

 By: saintseiyaikki : January 25th, 2023-16:42
...is like good wine, you know it is good but when you taste deeper, it is even better🥃

Thank you!

 By: fernando : January 26th, 2023-02:02

The problem with this beauty is that you will always find an excuse to wear it. Also...

 By: Chapstickjunkie81 : January 27th, 2023-20:41
I have to say that this and many other Breguets look, feel and have that wonder of high end independents but are just as at home being everyday watches. ...