Extreme closeups - movement finishing on the Tradition 7027

Nov 10, 2023,11:46 AM

I apologise if this is too many threads too close together from one person on the same basic subject but well new watch excitement met a new macro lens with 2x life size capability so here we are.

I posted some closeups in my initial thread here but we're getting in even closer with the new Laowa 65mm f/2.8 APO macro lens for Fuji X mount. We'll mostly be looking at anglage which holds up without a sweat to the extreme scrutiny. The rounded profile of the bevel is even more apparent than in the earlier pictures and the gleaming polish is beautiful. The bevels being curved reflects light at more angles compared to a flat one hence it contributes to the "sparkle" of the movement more even at a distance. But looking in close like this really makes you appreciate the work that went into pieces like this. You can also see sharp angles toward the squared off back of these finger bridges where the bevels meet.

These pictures show off several of the interior angles where bevels meet as well as the nice finishing on steel gear teeth. There are no corners being cut here.

I mentioned the spokes of the wheels being bevelled in the earlier post but at maximum magnification we can really see this well now. The bevels are necessarily tiny of course but they do the job in catching the light. And yes nice sharp creases where those bevels meet.

The parachute shock absorber is one of the most intriguing components on the Tradition. Being the first ever effective shock protection system, it seems to be effective enough even in a wrist watch today. It is of course quite large compared to modern systems like Incabloc. Being a steel component, anglage requires even more time and effort. Here we have another sharp interior angle and several sharp outward angles too along a complex shape. The polish is good enough I could recognise some features from my surroundings albeit distorted due to the curve.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these as much I did taking them smile

ps. Hopefully this post will be less controversial than the one I made about removing the screw bars :P

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Thanks for viewing :)

 By: tempocalypse : November 10th, 2023-16:10

Thank you for reading!

 By: tempocalypse : November 10th, 2023-16:10


 By: blau : November 10th, 2023-13:02
Makes me think that, as much as I love and appreciate mine, I have not been appreciating it enough! No extreme closeup here, but also no screw bars.... ...  

Wonderful! Black dial with anthracite movement works very well.

 By: tempocalypse : November 10th, 2023-16:10
And and nice to meet a kindred spirit with a shared dislike of the screw bars


 By: BigFatPauli : November 10th, 2023-14:21


 By: tempocalypse : November 10th, 2023-16:10

Killer shots

 By: m2 : November 10th, 2023-14:42
It makes zero sense to me why these are so affordable still 2nd hand. Obviously much higher quality than anything else in the same range, steeped in history + a beautiful design.

yes its pretty crazy

 By: tempocalypse : November 10th, 2023-16:08
I was honestly a little shocked when I started shopping around for one seriously. Always wanted one but hadn't looked into the market for a while.

Fantastic photos!

 By: Champthekid : November 10th, 2023-16:37

Thanks a lot for viewing :)

 By: tempocalypse : November 10th, 2023-18:52

The parachute shock absorber does not do anything here: it is more for esthetic purposes made.

 By: COUNT DE MONET : November 10th, 2023-17:17
Underneath it is a modern shock absorber, I read sonewhere. Thank you for this outstandibg shots. The polished steel teeth are very impressive and you caught this detail very well. 👍

Oh I guess I shouldn't be too surprised if that's the case

 By: tempocalypse : November 10th, 2023-18:55
Although this deconstruction by the Naked Watchmaker seems to suggest otherwise based on the exploded view CAD drawing. www.thenakedwatchmaker.com 7 That said it could have been omitted there and there isn't a physical disassembly of the balance s... 

Magnificent shots indeed !

 By: wychiu : November 10th, 2023-17:40

Thanks a lot!

 By: tempocalypse : November 10th, 2023-18:55

Roger smith open dial

 By: Bruno.M1 : November 10th, 2023-18:18
Well Roger his piece and quite a few others the last decade…. It’s obvious where they found the inspiration I really think the breguet tradition is BY FAR the most amazing watch you can get for 30-40 k And when looking at secondhand value…. It’s just insa... 

Agreed on all points

 By: tempocalypse : November 10th, 2023-19:01
The watch has been more influential than people realise perhaps and agreed regarding value too. I think the Tradition line up is slowly getting more attention in places like watch youtube etc and more collectors are discovering it slowly. And its visual i... 

I haven't had the chance to inspect a recent model myself closely

 By: tempocalypse : November 11th, 2023-10:02
but pictures suggest nothing to worry about with the Tradition line up at least. These pictures dont go in as close as I did but show signs of the same finishes. monochrome-watches.com

GOT DAMN those are amazing pics!!!!

 By: Brandon Skinner : November 11th, 2023-04:04
Holy Schnikees!!!!!!!

haha cheers!

 By: tempocalypse : November 11th, 2023-10:01

Well done!

 By: theknighterrant : November 11th, 2023-15:00
Thanks so much for the pics! (I got my 7097 Thursday.)


 By: tempocalypse : November 12th, 2023-13:39
Hope you get as much enjoyment from yours as I am with this one

 By: theknighterrant : November 12th, 2023-14:04
Thanks! Appreciate it.

I love your passion and love for this wonderful 7027!

 By: MTR : November 11th, 2023-20:42
Let the posts come. And enjoy this real beauty to the max!! All the best Thomas

Thanks so much!

 By: tempocalypse : November 12th, 2023-13:39