double tourbilion breguet, crazy flowers, 1800BA-13, La Tradition Tourbillon with Fusee Chain all in one place

Aug 04, 2019,19:44 PM

Went to Breguet in the Taipei 101 during one of their special event after finishing up at the Trans Conference in Taipei and had an amazing experience trying on some amazing pieces, really makes me want to buy one, if only I had the budget :P

I had already posted this on the independent channel but forgot to change it to the Breguet page.

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I know what you mean

 By: Spencer Karrington : August 7th, 2019-05:01
It is a very "unique" watch :p I was also talking with the sales person and they told me that even IF you can afford the watch, Breguet has to interview you in order to make sure that you are the "right" type of person with the "right" type of tastes in o...