Any Breguet 3797 owners here?

Feb 25, 2024,03:41 AM

Just started looking more seriously at these, and am totally smitten. Have not seem one in the flesh/metal yet. Curious any owner’s real world opinions…

(Photo not actual one considering. Pulled off line as example only)

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I am not an owner but I have seen this

 By: edtonkin : February 25th, 2024-04:36
watch in person several times. It is stunning! The owner is a well known watch journalist for a long time and it's the watch he picked to own and wear. It's amazing! Breguet DNA through and through. I have been tempted so many times! I prefer the one you ... 

I don’t

 By: keks : February 25th, 2024-07:22
But wow is it a gorgeous piece. Hope you find yourself to encounter one and see how it resonates in the real. Best of luck!

I can tell you the previous one (3757) is gorgeous

 By: Bruno.M1 : February 25th, 2024-08:56
And while it's a matter of taste I also do prefer the previous one. The new one looks a bit more modern, but thats exactly what I'm NOT looking for when looking at Breguet Neverthelees, it is a great Watch

My first though...'modern'...

 By: mdg : February 25th, 2024-22:43 doesn't have the old-school look that I love. Part of it (I think) is that it is soooo symmetrical.

That is WICKED 🔥

 By: _thetexastimex_ : February 26th, 2024-00:05

Bummer -

 By: MDT : March 24th, 2024-20:36
I missed out on the one was looking at. Was negotiating a complicated -ish trade for it and it sold day before. Oh well. Stunning piece.