Not quite completely in its element but close!

Nov 28, 2018,13:28 PM

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When’s Cocktail hour ? 🍹 [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet - Mr Brilliant Red : November 28th, 2018-13:56

Not soon enough!!!:) [nt]

 By: EdTonkin : November 28th, 2018-14:50

That’s the spirit 🍸 [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet - Mr Brilliant Red : November 29th, 2018-00:32

Indeed! Thank you [nt]

 By: EdTonkin : November 28th, 2018-14:52

The perfect size.

 By: John-E-Mac : November 28th, 2018-15:55
Wear it in the best of health. Thank you for sharing. Sincerely, John

Thank you so much, John. [nt]

 By: EdTonkin : November 28th, 2018-17:59


 By: esotericjunkie : December 30th, 2018-21:08
It is definitely hard to top this combination. The FF is leaps and bounds ahead of all other dive watches!