Inspired by DouglasM, Tedlo and Amanico

Sep 10, 2021,16:14 PM

I cleared my bucket list item which was “outstanding” for 8 years.

Fifty Fathoms Fifty Fathoms…the name is so catchy, even my non-WIS sister remembers the name. She jokingly asks me sometimes, “so when are you getting a Fifty Fathoms”.

The watch I got today is the most basic version in stainless steel. It is sturdy, and “tight”, almost like the built quality of a military weapon. The bezel is firm, and has very crisp clicks. The crown is sturdy and oversized - one of the firmest most assuring crowns to operate. This is one luxurious diver, yet toolish at the same time. It has design-tension. It almost looks dressy to me, were it smaller and without a bezel, yet it is brutal at the same time.

And the calibre 1315 is gorgeous with it’s simple anglage, large rubies and black rotor. I’ve got 120 hours of juice on this elegant beast.

And the dial is gorgeous. It is a grey sunburst which is muted - it dances with the light.

I should have discovered this watch a longer time ago. But it takes time to know and grow in this hobby. 

If you’d ask me what my next dive piece is..I don’t have the answer anymore. My wish is fulfilled.

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Thanks D

 By: Cookies : September 10th, 2021-16:29
I can rest in peace now. This is the feeling when the dream is actualized.=D see u soon when I come back to beautiful hometown.


 By: Lankysudanese : September 10th, 2021-16:23
I trust that you got the standard 43mm version, not the 37mm. I think so, Bc you mentioned the 120 hour power reserve As always, I thoroughly enjoy (and learn from) your design critique, which you share with us without any concern for our plagiarism 😁 You... 

Thanks Hussam

 By: Cookies : September 10th, 2021-16:39
I actually wrote one post but accidentally wiped it out :/ and had to rewrite it again. My favourite version is the green version with the stainless steel case (100 piece LE). This version is long gone. I like the date function; because I tend to forget t... 

Thanks. You chose well.

 By: Lankysudanese : September 10th, 2021-16:52
As for the date window: as much of a purist as I try to be, I fill forms on a daily basis so the date functionality comes in handy. And I agree on natos, haven’t found a good solution, yet for how the watch ends up sitting. How about those Marine National... 

Yes Marine Nationale straps

 By: Cookies : September 10th, 2021-16:59
Great solution as it is double-layered and it may balance the watch head better. I will look around for some - thing of Blancpain is…they use 21mm strap sizes which makes it hard to get straps. Only the 38mm version has the 20mm lug width.

Wow, they have lumed MN straps

 By: Cookies : September 10th, 2021-17:14
I love it!!

Yes it is beautiful

 By: Cookies : September 10th, 2021-17:20
I will get some soon.

:) i think I will stop adding pieces

 By: Cookies : September 10th, 2021-17:05
This could be the endgame piece for me, i sense it. But if Tudor releases the Submariner again, or Blancpain makes the Barrakuda again or some 42mm piece with straight lugs, or Panerai releases a smaller La Bomba, or JLC releases the lollipop traffic ligh... 

It looks amazing!

 By: Joe90 : September 10th, 2021-16:55
This or the Fifty Fathoms Grande Date are also on my bucket list. The watch is everything you could be my next watch and last watch too.

Same taste

 By: Cookies : September 10th, 2021-16:59
Same words too. This watch could “end” my watch collecting hobby. It is that magical to me.

Congrats to this nice piece. On my list too.

 By: brauner : September 10th, 2021-17:18
Trust me - there is no end. This is virus horologicus.

I think this cannot be cured

 By: Cookies : September 10th, 2021-17:24
It is indeed a lifelong condition. This morning when I collected the piece, 2 of my Russian friends saw it. They were ex-Russian military men. One was an ex-soviet Sniper. They like this piece A LOT. I think they heard that Blancpain has been worn by Puti... 

Yes can be😁

 By: brauner : September 10th, 2021-17:58

Congratulations!! 🎉 so happy for you!

 By: DouglasM : September 10th, 2021-17:34
Also happy to have help provide the last little push you needed to take the leap! The steel Bathyscaphe is an incredible piece, I love the sculpted lugs and the sunburst ‘meteor gray’ dial, so classy. Enjoy this in the very best of health and prosperity, ...  

Oooo, the blue

 By: Cookies : September 10th, 2021-17:39
It reminds me of a moment I had in the Malaysian sea many years ago. I once plunged into a big net filled with thousands of sardines, and the water was clear as crystal. The sunlight pierced the blue waters exactly like how your dial looks. Nice shot Doug... 

Woohoo! Huge congrats, I was wondering what you were going to choose! :)

 By: Fastwong : September 10th, 2021-18:16
No matter what size, material, or shape you get a 50 Fathoms in, I think that movement and Blancpain's finishing really makes for some of the best sports watches at any price.

Thank you Brian

 By: Cookies : September 11th, 2021-03:20
Now I gotta work doubly hard. Life is filled with adventures - peaks and doldrums; and it makes it full of character.

The anglage is lovely

 By: Cookies : September 11th, 2021-03:19
I didn’t know what anglage was, until a fellow member highlighted it on a post. It is the x-factor .

It is a beauty

 By: neville : September 10th, 2021-21:48
health to wear.

Thanks Neville

 By: Cookies : September 11th, 2021-03:21
Wish you a great week and look forward to your post in Wristscan this week.=D have fun with outfits and combinations!

Looks perfect!!

 By: Blancfan : September 11th, 2021-00:47
I have the chrono Bathy and love it. Glad you finally got your bucket list item.

There is a blog I read

 By: Cookies : September 11th, 2021-03:22
Blancpainblog…i think it was made by a member here called Henrik…i remembered his name from some posts. He writes well and covers most of the “burning questions”

Agreed! The movement is so well decorated!

 By: patrick_y : September 11th, 2021-02:18
Makes me wonder why the Rolex Submariner is so expensive, it's got a much more industrial workhorse movement without the fine anglage that this movement has.

Will we see this overtaking the Submariner one day?

 By: Cookies : September 11th, 2021-03:25
Maybe..once they get the dive bracelet with a dive extension. Or if they play the supply vs demand game to the detriment of true collectors. Part of me wishes for it to appreciate in value like a Rolex, yet part of me likes to relative obscurity of this n... 

This is an excellent choice, Cookies!

 By: MTR : September 11th, 2021-12:11
Case, dial and movement (the whole package) show pure quality. Many congrats and enjoy it to the max! Cheers Thomas

Thanks Thomas

 By: Cookies : September 11th, 2021-15:37
Really enjoying this piece immensely.

Completely understandable!!!

 By: MTR : September 11th, 2021-16:03

Nice diver. Congrats on the addition.

 By: RabidManatee : September 11th, 2021-16:50

Thanks so much

 By: Cookies : September 12th, 2021-04:24

That watch is a winner for sure!

 By: MiguelFlash : September 12th, 2021-04:17

Thanks for the encouraging words

 By: Cookies : September 12th, 2021-04:24
I just noticed something. Was trying to operate the bezel of the Omega underwater today. It was hard to grip. The Blackbay or this bathyscaphe or submariners have bezels more suitable for operating with wet hands or gloves. Small grooves are better for gr... 

Huge congrats, Cookies!

 By: AlexSunrise : September 12th, 2021-22:17
Looks great on you! Here’s wishing you making many great memories while wearing it! Cheers, Alex

It still stuck to my wrist

 By: Cookies : September 13th, 2021-06:32
Forgot to take it off to sleep. In this picture, the gentle sunburst pattern can be seen. It warps the light in muted ways. The strap is very quick drying (to my surprise). I used to have a Longines Legend Diver (given to my sister) which had a sailcloth-...  

That's what I call Love!

 By: amanico : September 13th, 2021-06:40

You made a very wise decision. An outstanding diver

 By: aperna : September 12th, 2021-23:37
Congratulations and wear it in the best of health ...  

Thanks Sir

 By: Cookies : September 13th, 2021-06:24
Nice “stealth bomber” there. It is a very beautiful piece. Do you wear this piece often? My steel piece is stuck to my wrist even when I sleep.

I still want the Fifty Fathoms

 By: Cookies : September 13th, 2021-14:00
Somehow. The dream seems 50% complete somehow. I need a model as close as possible to the first model released. Yes brother, I’m very happy with the bathyscaphe. The quality is top-notch and the 1315 mechanism is so beautiful.

I know the feeling 😕 😜

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 13th, 2021-14:06