Hadn't worn the Act 1 in a while.

Mar 22, 2024,16:19 PM

The recent releases prompted me to remove the nato and put it on a rubber strap. I know others would disagree but I like the dial and hands of act 1 better. I am not bothered by the date either, but find the non standard lugs size to be incredibly annoying. Especially now knowing that it was only done so that they can charge 2K extra for a sailcloth strap in the new lineup.

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 By: m2 : March 22nd, 2024-20:37
Can get custom canvas/sailcloth etc from a 3p strap maker right?

I am sure custom solutions could be found. Although non trivial in this case.

 By: als1678 : March 22nd, 2024-21:48
But that is besides the point. The fact that Blancpain is playing games with their clients strongly affects my opinion of the brand. There is absolutely no reason why the lug size could not have been 22mm. The new models should have all come with bracelet... 

 By: m2 : March 22nd, 2024-22:21
Agreed! I think Terrycrafted or Aaron Bespoke in Canada could both do custom straps for BP btw.

Good to know, thank you!

 By: als1678 : March 22nd, 2024-22:36

Watch looks great!

 By: TeutonicCarFan : March 22nd, 2024-22:03
I agree on your comments re- lug size. Ridiculous

Thank you! Yes, I also like the watch a lot :)

 By: als1678 : March 22nd, 2024-22:10
It is a bit thick so a normal strap works much better than nato.

Not bad!

 By: amanico : March 22nd, 2024-23:10

Now you have options…

 By: shortys home : March 23rd, 2024-11:09
… with Sailcloth and Tropic available. The price you referred to is driven by the expensive titanium deployant, the straps themselves are in an absolutely normal OEM range (approximately 250€). Cheers Henrik

Dear Henrik, thank you for the info.

 By: als1678 : March 23rd, 2024-13:47
I didn't realize that the rubber and sailcloth versions come on deployant. Which I guess means that the straps are useless for Act I .... Blancpain FF has one of the highest quality bracelets that I have seen. I don't think a buckle (why deployant??) shou... 

Lugwidth and straps

 By: Artago : March 25th, 2024-09:09
Perhaps a soft (standard) 22mm hook strap may cut it? Saves the bulk caused by Nato. Adds some under the wrist though. The soft might work better for a lighter titanium watch though. nickmankeydesigns.com