Back from Service! Blancpain Leman Complete Calendar

Sep 25, 2019,12:20 PM

One of my favorite watches has returned from service.  So happy to have it back! This watch is an almost perfect daily wear for me.  Why do I love this?

  1. Useful and Romantic Complications (Month, day, date, moonphase)
  2. Very lightweight even in steel.
  3. 40mm size (39mm by my caliper)  Only 11.5mm thick.
  4. Easy to read the time without reading glasses.  Great contrast. The solid hands are highly visible.
  5. Lots of lume.  Incredibly easy to read at night.  Good nightstand watch. Can say how much I love the lume on this watch.
  6. under the lug adjusters so no dimples on the case.
  7. 100 hour power reserve
  8. 100 meter water resistant with screw down crown.
  9. Watch looks good on leather or perlon
What's not to love? So happy to have it back.  

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really like this Leman version....

 By: Izhik : September 25th, 2019-12:47
I have it as a Villeret model, unfortunately, without this gorgeous bold lume...hope you enjoy it a I do with mine... ...  

Those Leman are great.

 By: Catulle : September 25th, 2019-17:13
I wonder why they were discontinued.

It checks all the boxes for a daily wearer , it has all the functions you need and some ...

 By: ZSHSZ : September 26th, 2019-00:06
I really appreciate that they didn’t omit the minute markers as most complete calendars don’t have them . Glad it’s back on your wrist , enjoy ! Zsolt.

Answer: everything is to love

 By: MTR : September 29th, 2019-13:45
about this watch! Many congrats! When was this model produced? Do you also have a pic from the backside? Best Thomas P.S.: I also like the windows in dial colour. Same with the longer PR and WR 100m It’s a pity that all this is not common standard in high... 

Here is a photo of the back side of the watch.

 By: tom18 : October 1st, 2019-09:33
Not sure of the years produced. Shorty's home would know. ...  


 By: MTR : October 1st, 2019-14:25
Gives a good impression. Enjoy it!😊 Best Thomas