Advice on Chipped Bezel on Fifty Fathoms

Mar 16, 2023,05:09 AM

Hi everyone, 

I'm seeking advice on my watch. I've had my fifty fathoms for about well over 10 years now. I think I purchased it in 2010 or thereabouts and it's really been my primary daily wear since. I've never really given much thought about my watch and it's been everywhere with me. I absolutely love this watch.  I don't know how but a couple of months back, I've discovered a chip / crack on the bezel at the 35 Minute mark and was devastated. I approached Blancpain Boutique here in Singapore and they quoted me $2500 SGD for a bezel replacement (approx. USD$1850) and USD$3000 for a bezel replacement and full service and polish. My movement is butter smooth, it keeps good time and the worst ding on the watch is on the lug as seen in the picture. I don't think it needs a polish.  The crack / chip doesn't really affect the overall aesthetics of the watch but it's sometimes gnawing to look at when I look down at the watch. 

Was wondering if anyone else out there has had a bezel mishap and how they dealt with it. I even thought of saving up to buy a replacement bezel and have it swapped when this one completely  gives in. It's just is too much money for a bezel for me. 

Chip on bezel at 35 minute mark

Worst ding on watch lug

State of watch

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If it was me

 By: Arronax : March 16th, 2023-05:25
If you can afford the service, just do it and enjoy the watch for many years to come. You said it all in the first sentence, you love it, now is the time to return the favour for all the enjoyment it has brought to you!

I would continue with the watch and wait till it needs service.

 By: Pun : March 16th, 2023-05:59
Chipping and dings on a tool watch don't bother me...


 By: fmc000 : March 16th, 2023-07:48
Perfect answer IMHO.

 By: jan.singh : March 16th, 2023-10:45
Thanks everyone, appreciate the advice, yeah, it's quite a sum of money for a bezel. I think I'll keep using it as a daily watch as I've always used it until it's time for service. I honestly didn't expect the bezel to cost that much. I honestly don't thi... 

I wouldn’t touch it for the life of me;)))

 By: ZSHSZ : March 16th, 2023-12:52
It’s a tool watch, regardless of the price(insane), if the timekeeping satisfies your needs, just go and put more scratches on it, and enjoy it!

I would get it serviced anyway,

 By: Mary Anny : March 16th, 2023-13:33
After 10 years it is the least you can do. Whether by Blancpain or a well-trained watchmaker I don't know. Blancpain is not any brand, I guess. About the scratches, it depends again, if you like an immaculate object, just repair it. if you are merely look... 

Bezel yes

 By: amarelli : March 16th, 2023-15:09
Replace the bezel and have the movement serviced. DO NOT POLISH ANYTHING. i have a 1968 FF and there is a hairline crack at the 10 min marker. Since it is old, i left it. It doesn’t bother me and i want it to be original. But on a new one grab a new bezel...