A rare bird showing some versatility...

Jun 23, 2019,01:32 AM

... which is a nice add-on to the joy of owning this beauty 😎


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Whoa, great looking combinations.

 By: M4 : June 23rd, 2019-02:44
Where do you get your straps? Thank you. M4

All of them are Blancpain straps...

 By: shortys home : June 23rd, 2019-03:15
... No 1 was a limited edition strap some years ago, No 2 was a NOS I found in the Boutique, No 3 and 4 are regular Barennia straps and No 5 is a custom order I made 10 years ago. Cheers Henrik

Thank you. They all look terrific.

 By: M4 : June 23rd, 2019-03:31
Of course, it's a camera friendly watch to begin with. M4

Thank you very much! [nt]

 By: shortys home : June 23rd, 2019-06:55

Such a great looking watch.

 By: MarkS : June 24th, 2019-20:07
Had one and let it get away!