Baselworld: my top 10 and the biggest disappointment for me

Apr 29, 2018,13:09 PM

Always difficult to say what’s hot and what’s not

Preference is a very personal choice but these are my favourite from the show snd the watch that I felt most let down, it will surprise you....

So at 10: the Seiko Pressage ref SJE073J1
Made in a limited edition of 1881 pieces 
A superb new thin movement 
And overall a fantastic watch at a very good price 

At 9: Patek ref 7150 
A beautiful symbiosis of modern and vintage in a delectable aesthetic package 

And yes quite a few gents want this one.....

At No.8 The Rado 1965 Automatic, a funky design, retro cool and a nice change - inspired by the Manhattan skyline it features a titanium PVD coated case

Next up at 7, a Rolex, but not the one you think of, its the OP 39 with new black dial. Subtle, understated and pure Rolex DNA, its a cool Rolex- a Rolex for cool collectors 

At 6 : the Oris bronze chronograph- following on from the divers this new piece features a 42mm case and looks beautiful

now the top 5:

at 5, we have the Frederique Constant perpetual Tourbillon, I have no information, other than it is real, I saw it- and it looks amazing

In at 4: a Hamilton, superb actually unbelievable value, the retro 38mm Khaki mechanical, awesome!
here in the brown dial version- a watch you got to have!

ohh the top 3!

in third place: The BB GMT, a fantastic proposition, great price, great complication and looks amazing

in second place: Damn, another Tudor! the BB58 blew off my socks! its perfect, no really, it is perfect!

and the winner:

Patek Aquanaut Chronograph

a fantastic modern Patek. Perfect, striking in appearance and caught the imagination of the entire show, I loved it, but so did just about everyone else!!!

and now the controversy:

For me the let down

many will think I have lost my mind. But here is the reality, the Pepsi was a long time awaited in steel. Rolex have given us one so we should be grateful. And thats my point, there is a little degree of arrogance in the proposal of the GMT being the star of the show- it wasn't not by a long shot. The pepsi bezel, is not new. The colours are more purple/pink, than red/blue. This I forgive as it is near impossible to get right. Many have ordered one without even seeing it. The bracelet was a big fail for me. The end links are just plain ugly. It doesn't look right. It will sell. The blind masses will follow. but having had it on my wrist, keep your waiting list I prefer my Batman all day long.


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Interesting selection.

 By: stevenokes : April 29th, 2018-15:49
Like you choices and your rationale. The Tudors are very impressive and agree re the Pepsi Rolex GMT. I really don’t like the bracelet they have fitted.

That Presage looks great.

 By: jomni1 : April 29th, 2018-18:39
Like a poor man’s GS. But still superb craftsmanship and interesting dial.

Good and honest Top 10 👍🏻

 By: KCKL : April 29th, 2018-19:50
I like your picks..

Agree the Rolex GMT so-called Jubillee bracelet is really wrong-finished

 By: Mostel : September 5th, 2018-17:07
The bracelet is OK but the Oyster clasp is terrible terrible terrible on a 'sort of Jubilee' bracelet, no idea what Rolex was thinking except, 'they'll buy it no matter what!' so let's just put the wrong clasp on....and that brings me to the Rolex Mafia.....