Sad but not surprising: few 2020 Corvettes to be built

Mar 19, 2020,17:40 PM

Just in — email from Chevrolet:

Regretfully, launch timing was delayed by the 6-week work stoppage that reduced the 2020 Model Year production schedule. Now the Coronavirus is causing more delays. Therefore, it is possible some of 2020 orders for sold or stock vehicles may not be produced as planned.

Further information will be forthcoming from Chevrolet regarding the handling of 2020 Model Year orders that we will be unable to accept, and the process for conversion or creation of a replacement 2021 Model Year sold order.


Substitute your choice of Patek, Rolex, Porsche, etc for Corvette!


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Sad to see the new Corvette delayed ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : March 20th, 2020-02:30
But no need to make a choice between watches and a Corvette, as everyone should have both in their life. ...