Roger Daltrey's ex Mercedes SL 300.

Jan 10, 2021,03:35 AM

It was auctioned some months ago. I didn't follow the auction, but I always liked the SL and roger Daltrey, as The Who's singer. 

Is the lucky winner among us? 

This generation of SL is always stuck in my mind. One day, probably, it will be in my garage... Before everything goes all electric. 



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I bet it’s ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 10th, 2021-03:52
Got a great stereo and a well warn passenger seat 😉

Of course!

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2021-03:53

I will!

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2021-04:03

Certainly. I am a big fan.

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2021-04:09

They are a superb band live ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 10th, 2021-04:19
Unfortunately just like the car, time is running out to enjoy.

Pure magic !

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 10th, 2021-05:27

I was gifted a copy for Christmas . . .

 By: Dr No : January 10th, 2021-09:12
. . . by my brother. Reading is on my list of things-to-do . . .

Just a thought ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 10th, 2021-04:15
From experience, these cars can be costly to maintain properly. They have more electronics than the R107 series.

This is selling for £15K. Huge value in my view.

 By: nasseriq : January 10th, 2021-04:12
Credit: The world Wide Web ...  


 By: amanico : January 10th, 2021-05:12

The Who was my favorite band back in the day. I saw the band perform live on two occasions.

 By: M4 : January 10th, 2021-05:50
This post brings back great memories. Thanks for posting. M4

I still love them a lot.

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2021-09:56

True that!

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2021-10:58

Ran into Roger many years ago at the same pub . . .

 By: Dr No : January 10th, 2021-09:16
. . . where the alphabet soup gang usually meets. He owned a home within walking distance and was a regular there, according to the bartender. Didn't talk to him . . . he was there with a lady, wouldn't have dreamed of interrupting his quiet afternoon.

Well, John Entwistle was a regular at The Rainbow Bar and Grill . . .

 By: Dr No : January 10th, 2021-10:32
. . . and I not only met him but got to be on friendly terms with his pal Cy after John passed away. The Rainbow's closed now due to covid restrictions . . . I can only hope it'll return when the lockdown's over.

The pub where I met Daltrey . . .

 By: Dr No : January 10th, 2021-11:22
. . . isn't the Rainbow, Nicolas - it's a different place altogether. I hesitate to post the name for security reasons as the alphabet soup gang had some spectacular congregations there in the past with members who brought priceless watches. But rest assu... 

Great, I can't wait!

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2021-11:29

I remember when my neighboor bought the 300SL-24

 By: bimbeano : January 10th, 2021-12:09
But I didn’t know the red line was at 7000 rpm 😳.

You never tested it??? ;)

 By: amanico : January 10th, 2021-14:16

No 😢

 By: bimbeano : January 10th, 2021-15:11
He never had time but his wife often lend me her CLK 320 .

I'd get a 2002 SL500 with the M113 engine. Those M113 engines are bulletproof.

 By: patrick_y : January 10th, 2021-12:54
The 722.6 5 speed transmission that's usually attached to the M113 engine is also bulletproof (just remember to change the transmission oil and differential oil and the car should be very long lasting). A nice car. It is a convertible and a coupe. Fairly ... 

Yes, the 2003 version (new body style) had ABC Hydraulic suspension for USA market.

 By: patrick_y : January 11th, 2021-11:43
That ABC suspension is a very cool suspension. ABC stands for ACTIVE BODY CONTROL and was a fully active suspension that constantly adapted to individual corner load. The AIRMATIC suspension from Mercedes is only a semi-active suspension. And traditional ... 

IMHO the next best after W113 pagoda

 By: Gelato Monster : January 10th, 2021-16:41


 By: amanico : January 10th, 2021-22:40