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Feb 11, 2019,03:43 AM

The mighty GT2 

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It’s Stan ding still 🤣

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 11th, 2019-06:02
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They shouldn’t be sleeping on the job [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 11th, 2019-06:02
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Haha. Hello Abel.....

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 11th, 2019-06:56
Sadly it’s not my car, just admiring it. This is one that I like very much but I think you need to treat this one with respect when driving it.

Or breaks. ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : February 11th, 2019-08:34

Or without a date window...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 11th, 2019-11:53
Just thought 💭... is that the passenger window when you see a pretty girl on the pavement or sidewalk ?

You bad boy 👍 [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 11th, 2019-13:10

Yes, on that I agree. ;) [nt]

 By: amanico : February 11th, 2019-23:50

ROFL 🤣 [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 12th, 2019-00:43

Something purely technical comes to my mind ...

 By: COUNT DE MONET : February 11th, 2019-08:03
VW custumors can be asked to top up destilled water into a small tank under the bonnet of this GT 2 but to ask other customers to add urea into theire diesel cars is too much??? Apart from this anecdote it seems to be a perfect track car money can by for ... 

Good point Count ...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 11th, 2019-08:11
RIP diesel.

True beast imho [nt]

 By: Watchonthewrist : February 11th, 2019-13:16