Gents... what daily driver (made in last 7 years) INSPIRES LUST

Jan 02, 2020,14:25 PM

Hey guys, in the market for the next daily driver... been a BMW guy mainly... but I find them... (while excellent always) uninspiring and un-involving... the last car I loved was a 2006 911S... but I need practicality (relatively) SEDAN at minimum I NEED SPACE IN MY CAR...  (SUV better but SUV's... kind of cannot help but be a bore--yes?) so what would you drive 25K-30K mi a year... with space and room and all that... for the family and all the STUFF of a family..... Let's for fun say there is no price limit??? why not, it's just a post haha... Help me out guys! I drive  A LOT!! It matters to feel involved in a car. Some obvious candidates would be... (excluding BMW and Mercedes, for the above stated reasons, unless you can tell me why I should not exclude them) PORSCHE Cayenne and Panamera  (Macan too small) and....??? What say you??? THANKS!!

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Thanks very much!

 By: Mostel : January 2nd, 2020-14:35
It is so hot agree Sadly not available in US.

Thank you Nicolas!!

 By: Mostel : January 2nd, 2020-14:36
C class a bit too small for my needs... only avail in sedan in US... so you see the challenge... a smaller car would be cooler... but... larger car needed... RS 6 available only in sedan in US but let me drive it and give you some feedback!

I have owned an SQ5... never an R... !!

 By: Mostel : January 2nd, 2020-14:45
I will drive one Nicolas!!

E63 wagon is a contender... (despite outruling BMW and Benz)

 By: Mostel : January 2nd, 2020-19:11
No doubt an incredible car... yet... maybe --I know this sounds crazy--'too normal.'?

New RS6 is available in US

 By: dedestexhes : January 3rd, 2020-12:56
What about a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso? Cheers, Dirk

I've always had performance cars. Sports cars. Usually Japanese but took a different route this time and find my new ride very engaging, not boring and not too small but after

 By: InDebtButOnTime : January 2nd, 2020-14:44
so many sports cars, to me its Big including the back seat area and overall carying capacity (but to me just having a back seat is novel and new). Performance is surprising even if I'm used to a little more juice. Rather than this GTS I could have bought ...  

No practical as you said, no real space. The Cayenne will likely not drive like you want it to, unlike the Macan.

 By: Jay (Eire) : January 2nd, 2020-18:00
How about the Panamera Sport Turismo? I think it’s the best looking Panamera there is.

I agree that's the best looking Panamera. Oddly to me it has flopped in the US. But does that really have more space (overall) than a Macan? Four full sized adults fit

 By: InDebtButOnTime : January 2nd, 2020-18:55
comfortably in a Macan, with a decent amount of luggage space in the rear. But as I said I see space from a different perspective after drivng true sports cars all my life... even the MKIV Supra Turbo I had only could accomodate kids under 10 years old in... 

As a hardcore sportscar driver, like yourself...

 By: Mostel : January 2nd, 2020-19:08
It must be hard to imagine how 'small' a Macan is, esp by USA standards, however, it is the best reviewed car of its kind BY FAR out there. I need even more space--BUT--if I were to LIMIT my space, I would get a SEDAN, like an S65 or R6 as Nicolas or Salm... 

The trunk space is smaller in the Macan, I’m pretty sure I looked up the capacity measurement after seeing the Sport Turismo.

 By: Jay (Eire) : January 3rd, 2020-03:11
I will disagree with the idea that four adults fitting “comfortably” in the Macan, it’s tight in the back and low. And once you add a rear facing baby seat any medium sized adult in the front will have no more than an inch or two of distance between knees... 

I drove one

 By: Mostel : January 2nd, 2020-19:06
Not my cup of tea, for power and lust, in this case, but thanks very much for your choice!!!!

You have so many choices for what you are looking for, whats important is how much are you willing to spend....

 By: SALMANQ8 : January 2nd, 2020-15:42
Value Choice: Used Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley Mulsanne and Aston Martin Rapide circa 2008 to 2012 Practical Choice: Lexus LS500 F Sport Fun Choice: Mercedes S65 AMG Final Edition or Used Ferrari FF Collectors Choice: Maybach 57S or Maserati Quattroporte... 

Now you're talking

 By: Mostel : January 2nd, 2020-19:05
Thank you Salman. Some exotic choices there. And I am at the place in time where I want lust over practicality--as long as there is SPACE enough for family and STUFF.

The Ultimate...

 By: SALMANQ8 : January 2nd, 2020-19:49
is a one of one Bugatti Chiron Sedan, you need USD 20m and connections for that one, but they will build you one. S

What about the Audi RS4...

 By: VinnieD : January 3rd, 2020-01:05
The current one is quite aggressive-looking. In all black, it can generate some lust. Is it available in the US?

Porsche - Mercedes

 By: Jurry : January 3rd, 2020-01:21
If you want sufficient volume in your car for family purposes performance some good looks the lust may seem endless but in reality it’s pretty short Porsche One of the cars that would suit us the Porsche Panamera (especially that new wagon version). No ne...