I am surprised AMG escaped un-named...

Nov 30, 2021,17:40 PM

I get a little wild when I take one of these these out for a spin.

All the best...  HEO

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Do BMW and Audi drivers tend to be psychopaths?

 By: cazalea : November 30th, 2021-15:01
BMW, Audi drivers more likely to be psychopaths, a recent UK study says, also finding that EV owners are likely to be less sociable than those with internal combustion or plug-in hybrid vehicles. BRAND Research conducted by the British website Scrap Car C...  

I love Skoda cars!!!!

 By: Mary Anny : November 30th, 2021-15:25
I promise🤞🏻

Absolutely right 😉

 By: brauner : November 30th, 2021-15:49


 By: myles721 : November 30th, 2021-16:06
Actually they did a similar study on CEO’s that suggested the same. Probably goes hand in hand. I was once with a CEO in an Audi that was driving the wrong way on a one way street. After pointing that out the CEO responded “yeah but I’m in a rush” … the c... 

Have A Dinan BMW

 By: enjoythemusic : November 30th, 2021-16:18
And have to say I'm not a psycho. As a proper BMW pilot who understands vehicle dynamics, road conditions, the 'driving talent' of those nearby, etc. my piloting is dictated by those and other factors as calculated risk-reward conditions allow me to maxim... 

No questions !

 By: cazalea : November 30th, 2021-17:48

(Porsche) THIS we can agree with :D

 By: enjoythemusic : November 30th, 2021-18:33

Voices in my head disagree

 By: Peevee57 : November 30th, 2021-16:20
And so do I as an electric Audi owner

Okay... is, uh, being a psychopath a bad thing?

 By: Gwai : November 30th, 2021-16:24
Asking for a friend who race..., uh, drives a BMW. Cheers Marc


 By: ptug : November 30th, 2021-18:40


 By: amanico : November 30th, 2021-18:42

Not necessarily, but it doesn't hurt : )

 By: mdg : November 30th, 2021-16:32
Now do Porsche...

Do Porsche what?

 By: cazalea : November 30th, 2021-17:40
Atypical Audi with Porsche ...  

My daughter likes my "blue car"!

 By: TeutonicCarFan : November 30th, 2021-16:43
I don't think I'm crazy 😳 ...  

I drive 60.000 km/year and I confirm this is true.

 By: aWtchslvr : November 30th, 2021-17:02
Not all the crazy drivers have a BMW and not all the BMW owners show a complete lack of respect for the others but the trend is undoubtable.

I don't think the psycho effect is permanent

 By: cazalea : November 30th, 2021-17:35
My friend John, who owns the car in the photo, leaves it in San Diego but lives half the year elsewhere. Having been away from his M for 5 months now, he reports he scored a 1 on the test, so probably the BMW-Effect wears off between driving sessions ...

Haha moi aussi

 By: nacelle : December 1st, 2021-03:48

I am surprised AMG escaped un-named...

 By: HighEndOne : November 30th, 2021-17:40
I get a little wild when I take one of these these out for a spin. All the best... HEO ...  

Love the CLK!

 By: amanico : November 30th, 2021-18:07

From another world

 By: Weems@8 : November 30th, 2021-18:44
Recently i looked for Suzuki and Hyundai. The Suzuki have a chain distribution, so a candidate. But they are expensive and i want to buy watches, so my Honda stays. Very difficult to replace, cause a superb car. King of the road, so my self esteem is a bi...  

I am bookmarking this thread

 By: Jaccard : November 30th, 2021-21:48
Priceless No Porsche though

Hello Mike

 By: renerod : December 1st, 2021-00:50
Bruno says the last vehicle is super cool, but he's also fond on these: Picture credits: Boomerang I guess I know now what he'll drive in the future! Best regards. René ...  

Good for a chuckle

 By: bchankai : December 1st, 2021-01:19
There is no statistical analysis at all in the linked site. No range, p value, etc. As such, there’s really no way to make any meaningful conclusion —although the nature of the survey seems like they weren’t trying to be too meaningful anyways. Thanks, Br... 

It’s the website of a UK service that connects you to buyers of old or wrecked cars

 By: cazalea : December 1st, 2021-02:52
Who come out with a tow truck, hand you some cash, haul the car off your property and take it away. I’m sure they are only doing this survey to learn more about their best customers (wink) 😏. Cazalea

LMAO. This has to be regional. In Toronto if you drive a modified Honda Civic or Subaru WRX and are 16-25 in age you are a total psychopath

 By: emcquillan : December 1st, 2021-05:37
….. but this is just judging on driving habits. The most horrific accidents in recent memory have involved Mercedes and BMW mid-size sedans and American SUV’s. Full disclosure, I have been an Audi driver since 2005 for the Quattro and Canadian winters so ... 


 By: emcquillan : December 2nd, 2021-21:53

I had both a BMW and Audi at the same time LOL.

 By: bimbeano : December 2nd, 2021-19:38
I still own the gold/brown Audi .... . So i advice you to seriously consider how you will respond to me