Car of the Future? The Mini Urbanaut

Nov 19, 2020,06:48 AM

A cuddle-bunnie for your transportation needs? See the whole show here (note the lack of steering wheel and controls)


It's only plywood and Virtual Reality Goggles at this point

From the mind of this guy

and these guys

and a hundred million of this



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As a taxi alternative, why not?

 By: Tim_M : November 19th, 2020-07:11
Cities aren't always suitable for private cars, so I don't regret this as a cab or ride hailing platform. The future of app-driven ride hailing is in this kind of vehicle with some combination of autonomy and electric drive. Best, Tim

The bad thing is

 By: Jurry : November 19th, 2020-07:12
That you’re probably right

I'm not sure taxi use is where this is aimed

 By: cazalea : November 19th, 2020-09:02
perhaps best with a genteel clientele in a upscale neighborhood -- it looks a little "soft" for urban commercial use ... Here's an extract from a review on CNET What is the Urbanaut concept? Well, you know what a van is, right? This is like that but with ... 

I suspect this will wind up more commercial than personal vehicle.

 By: Tim_M : November 20th, 2020-08:12
Like many concepts, I expect this will be far more utilitarian if it ever sees the light of day. In the end, it's more likely that the person who's indifferent to driving, lives in an urban area, or lives at school would just use a ride hailing service fo... 

That's a very probable evolution

 By: cazalea : November 20th, 2020-08:58
It's of course greatly influenced by where you live... out in rural areas, being say 30 miles or more from a city center with no transit solutions almost makes ownership mandatory.