Apparently loves Pontiacs

Nov 19, 2019,16:08 PM

I was visiting some lakes today on my quest to find all the bodies of water in our county, and I came across this 49 Pontiac. It was too good to pass up getting some photos -- let me know if you agree

Next to it was a nice Tempest

with a rare 326 V8. I believe Bill has one of these cars.


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I agree...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : November 19th, 2019-17:25
But I also like the Tempest Le Mans 326. IIRC, it was one of the most compact American cars with a V8.

Gotta love those pontiacs.

 By: Bill : November 19th, 2019-21:08
In the collection. One 4 cylinder and one v8 ...  

You're right, very Orca-like.

 By: Blansky : November 20th, 2019-06:37
I once owned one of these, like driving your living room down the street. 46 Pontiac. ...  

The 49 Pontiac...

 By: Cpt Scarlet : November 20th, 2019-01:02
Is absolutely beautiful and a reference point in social history. Thanks for posting the photos Mike.

Straight-8 in the '49, if not mistaken. These were largely gone from So Cal streets . . .

 By: Dr No : November 20th, 2019-12:07
. . . by the time I was in high school, back in the early '70s. No one wanted them back then. Not many survivors today . . .

Yeah, after the war and the automobile industry had to retool back from wartime, the cars seems to be warmed over prewar models like my 46, or cars like the 49 which were not...

 By: Blansky : November 20th, 2019-13:04
very appreciated up until about the 1955 models came out. There seemed to be a 10 year span of rather boring cars.