Adding some color to the grey sh***y Belgian weather .... and some more ;-)

Nov 19, 2022,20:55 PM

Not even a week ago I was hiding from the sun under my newly acquired palmtree, but since I'm back in Belgium my mood has come down quite a bit :-(

So I decided to paint the spare set of Clio-wheels in a vivid color .... after some consideration I opted for 727 Capsicum Red. This is an original Renault color which they use for the wheels on their hardcore Megane Trophy-R wheels ... and these Megane are also white like my Clio.

Since business is not going well these past months and the Big will be bankrupt in a couple of weeks I'm starting to lead a simple life and be happy with simple things like red wheels and maybe a Casio one day.

The palmtree I acquired ... alas I couldn't take it home on the plane and since I'm going bankrupt any time soon I'll put it up for auction, that's unless some one here wants to give me a good price .. please pm me ;-)

Now it's time for falafel, luckily the good things in life don't have to cost an exaggerated amount of money.
I haven't lost all hope see ? ;-)


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Thanks !!!

 By: bimbeano : November 19th, 2022-21:06
Weird weekend would be a better description ... I'll enjoy it anyway

Rimbeano ....

 By: bimbeano : November 19th, 2022-23:56
.. as his name says I a famous Belgian pornstar ;-) He's the cousin of Pimpeano but unfortunately not related to the real Bimbeano ;-)


 By: amanico : November 20th, 2022-08:19


 By: InHavenPro : November 19th, 2022-23:00


 By: bimbeano : November 19th, 2022-23:56

Great color combo

 By: Arronax : November 19th, 2022-23:03
Strong R26R vibes! I came really close to getting a phase3 Clio RS in Sirius yellow but eventually ended up with the alfa.

Which Alfa?

 By: amanico : November 19th, 2022-23:04

Mito QV

 By: Arronax : November 19th, 2022-23:10
Soon to depart after 10yrs of trouble free daily duty and countless track days, I will miss it.

That was a cool one, though.

 By: amanico : November 19th, 2022-23:11

I have this Clio since 2010 when I bought it new.

 By: bimbeano : November 19th, 2022-23:59
160.000 km now and has been quite trouble free .... . Well, apart from a gearbox overhaul and maybe 2 minor issues . I hope to keep it as long as I can.

I know that feeling!

 By: Arronax : November 20th, 2022-03:00
I wish I could have kept it but parking space is a challenge, may have been different if I lived in the countryside. Hard to let a car go when you're in the sweet spot which was my situation after so many years. Mine was heavily modified (sports cat, flyw... 

Enough space here ...

 By: bimbeano : November 20th, 2022-16:28
Several friends store their cars at the barn, sometimes I have to leave my own cars standing outside ... not the Clio off course ;-) The Clio also has some modifications like a Quaife limited Slip diff, ecu mapping, air-intake, KW V1 coilovers, EBC brake ... 

Whenever you come, always welcome my friend.

 By: bimbeano : November 20th, 2022-16:30
The welcoming committee is ready to receive you ;-) ...  

Warfeano one and two!

 By: amanico : November 20th, 2022-16:56

The wheels look great

 By: nasseriq : November 20th, 2022-08:55