911 Speedster (991) and 718 Spyder.

May 02, 2021,17:26 PM

Went for a ride with a friend of mine today who drives a real Porsche. Anyway, both of us had a lot of fun. Best, V.

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Just kidding. 😉

 By: Pretty Boy : May 2nd, 2021-17:41
The Spyder is great fun and good value for money. Where do you get a 4 liter naturally aspirated flat six engine in a current production sports car (except Porsche)? The Speedster in this configuration is almost EUR 300k which is much more than double the... 

Real Porsche were the air-cooled ones

 By: penfriend : May 2nd, 2021-17:42
would always opt for your 718 spyder nowadays; 911 is just a GT ...  

Ahhh, here we go again.

 By: Pretty Boy : May 2nd, 2021-17:55
A Porsche needs to be air-cooled and have a manual transmission. I wholeheartedly disagree, like many Porsche collectors. But this is a faith war, there’s no wrong or right. Next time, I will ask him to bring his 993 Carrera S (it doesn’t get any better t... 

as always it is the spirit that you're rewarded with and that one's looking for

 By: penfriend : May 2nd, 2021-18:29
after 25 years of air-cooled and water-cooled 911s I closed that chapter with selling the last remaining of my collection (a 993 Turbo) some time ago. but looking back I loved to track the air-cooled ones due to their go-cart-feeling and never warmed up w... 

Looks like a fun day 👍

 By: FRAMII : May 2nd, 2021-18:03
Been driving this today, also a naturally aspirated engine but maybe a bit more thirsty 😂😂 and older (old fashion) ...  

Lovely, my friend. 😍

 By: Pretty Boy : May 2nd, 2021-18:08
I have never been a Mercedes fan but I love the SLS AMG and G Wagon AMG.

What a power duo, and a nice road

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 2nd, 2021-18:16

Many thanks!

 By: Pretty Boy : May 2nd, 2021-18:26

Plenty to like about both cars. 911s may have acquired some Grand Touring qualities over the years but not at the expense of performance ... so what's not to like?!!! Older air cooled Porsches

 By: InDebtButOnTime : May 2nd, 2021-18:17
are cool and have character but water cooling has performance advantages and is needed to meet modern emissions requirements while maintaining high performance. Far more bothersome to me is the likelyness of soon being able to purchase Porsches only power... 

I bet your 718 handled better...

 By: pfang56 : May 2nd, 2021-18:24
Wonderful combo - how fun! And the visceral aural enjoyment with the top down just makes the driving experience so special. Do you have any suggested twisty roads in the Frankfurt area? Cheers Peter

Thank you!

 By: Pretty Boy : May 2nd, 2021-18:42
The handling of the Spyder is better indeed but it’s clearly noticeable that it has 90 hp less than the Speedster or 100 less than my previous 991.2 GT3 RS. There are great roads in the Frankfurt area: Go from Oberursel (Hohemark) up to Sandplacken, then ... 

very nice...

 By: nacelle : May 2nd, 2021-18:46
my two chariots ...  

Beauties. 👍

 By: Pretty Boy : May 2nd, 2021-18:56

My pleasure.

 By: Pretty Boy : May 3rd, 2021-08:55

Many thanks.

 By: Pretty Boy : May 3rd, 2021-08:56

Can’t go wrong with either! I had a 991.1 and loved it.

 By: Horo_Traveler : May 4th, 2021-04:20
With the longer weekly commute, I switched to a more comfortable sedan.