911 Beater?

Oct 23, 2019,13:00 PM

According to Modern Classics Magazine this iteration of the Maserati Gransport, the MC-Victory is. Happy to have this in my stable...


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It is finding the expertise to work on them more than the cost

 By: hashluck : October 26th, 2019-08:30
Reality is they are pretty robust if servicing regime is kept to. You do have to budget for a clutch every 20-30K miles though (at £2-£3K)

I had a 2006 GrandSport LE for a few years. Enjoyed it, but I don’t miss it

 By: NickO : October 23rd, 2019-17:15
The pluses were the styling (always reminded me of a bullet), exclusivity (didn’t see many others), gorgeous naturally-aspirated V8, super handling and balance, and I actually liked the cambiocorsa gearbox. I don’t like music playing when I drive, so the ... 

I guess I’m a little different (not for the first time, LOL!)

 By: NickO : October 24th, 2019-07:30
I like a harder ride and I thought the Skyhook suspension was fine. I also enjoyed the gearbox. Yeah, not as responsive as a dual clutch, but worked for me. These were the things that gave the car unique personality and character in my book. I do know a l... 

A GT.... so a forced comparison to any 911

 By: Tim_M : October 23rd, 2019-18:12
The 928 GTS/ would have been a better comparison, but over a decade separates the two. There's no post-2000 Porsche that really lines up with any two-door Maserati has built in this Millennium. Historically, Maseratis were more like Italian Aston Martins ... 

Better than a 911

 By: everso : October 26th, 2019-05:18
More character and more interesting. I’ve driven many 911s and have never wanted one. I find them to be clinical and sterile and just not up to my standards of entertainment. Is this a manual transmission? Nice ride!!!


 By: hashluck : October 26th, 2019-08:29
It is an automated manual (paddle shift) - Maserati called it Cambiocorsa (Italian, meaning "race change"). Important to note it is an automated manual gearbox and not a full auto (and this the 'Auto' button should never be used! Just drive as you would a...