This would work

Dec 14, 2019,06:09 AM

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New or pre-owned? [nt]

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : December 13th, 2019-16:49

Anything šŸ˜‰ [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : December 13th, 2019-16:50


 By: APROchrono : December 13th, 2019-17:26
In TdF Blue with Crema leather and Blue piping on the seats. Preferably a Berlinetta. Unfortunately I live in a country where there are only 3-4 of the model around and asking prices are $250k+. Just can't justify those prices That's if we are talking in ... 

Aaah Blue +Crema [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : December 13th, 2019-17:38

+1 šŸ‘Œ [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 14th, 2019-03:17

Something like this?

 By: Gelato Monster : December 14th, 2019-05:13

A fitting watch, although I may prefer...

 By: APROchrono : December 14th, 2019-06:51
Source: My wrist is too small for an Offshore unfortunately. ...  

Definitely the PP šŸ‘Œ [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 14th, 2019-07:31

this would be totally perfect [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : December 14th, 2019-18:45

šŸ‘ [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : December 15th, 2019-03:00

1967 330 GTC silver with red interior to end it all...

 By: Tim Jackson : December 13th, 2019-17:30
Great question! Cheers, Tim

Silver + Red Speeed [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : December 13th, 2019-17:39

575 SuperAmerica Manual

 By: SALMANQ8 : December 13th, 2019-17:32
The first time I saw one S ...  

Thank you Salman [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : December 13th, 2019-17:36

275 GTB/4

 By: batholith : December 13th, 2019-18:15
or a 288 GTO. My favorites. I'd gladly settle for a Daytona, though!

Just absolutely lovely [nt]

 By: batholith : December 13th, 2019-22:33

yes, GTO in black

 By: VinnieD : December 14th, 2019-04:48
only one exemplar as far as I know. A real black panther

My. GOD 288 GTO in Black

 By: Gelato Monster : December 14th, 2019-05:02
No message body

Well, yes

 By: VinnieD : December 14th, 2019-05:10
shot in London I believe credit: nino nucaro ...  

My GODDD [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : December 14th, 2019-05:17

Beautiful! [nt]

 By: batholith : December 15th, 2019-03:27

246 Dino. [nt]

 By: amanico : December 14th, 2019-03:40

Beautiful in so many was [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : December 14th, 2019-05:03

Terrific sensuality. [nt]

 By: amanico : December 14th, 2019-13:00

That is one sensuous vehicle

 By: batholith : December 15th, 2019-03:28
A true classic design.


 By: batholith : December 17th, 2019-01:33
Classically beautiful, certainly one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Reflects well upon your tastes, my friend!


 By: Jurry : December 14th, 2019-04:30
Few years back I had a Ferrari, nothing else but misery. Bought it brand new, after 14 months (of which it spent nearly 3 months with the dealer for service and repairs) sold it with less than 9,000 km on it and was glad it was gone. If I can have any Fer... 

Unfortunately it seems a common case

 By: VinnieD : December 14th, 2019-04:47
A close friend has had a 456 GTM for a few years and his wallet suffers deep blows regularly

Mad cranky super sexy girl [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : December 14th, 2019-05:05

Let me rephrase slightly

 By: VinnieD : December 14th, 2019-04:46
If only one could have a Ferrari... It would be the 250 GT Lusso for me - it has such a feline shape... irresistible. Elegant, powerful, refined. As for colours, silver with deep red leather or burgundy with tan interior. McQueen had a brown one but it de... 

Tasty beasts

 By: VinnieD : December 14th, 2019-05:12
credit unknown Grey picture credit: drive-my ...  

i want black or blue or green [nt]

 By: Gelato Monster : December 14th, 2019-18:46

Favorite is 288GTO followed by Enzo.

 By: NoH : December 14th, 2019-05:53
But if I had to have 1 Ferrari to live with, and without having an unlimited budget, I would go for the (relatively) practical FF. Here in Novitec spec - photo credit Auto Seredin ...  

This would work

 By: descartes1 : December 14th, 2019-06:09


 By: Gelato Monster : December 14th, 2019-18:47
this is probably the most handsome of 250

550 Maranello, "Tour de France Blue"

 By: Tim_M : December 19th, 2019-05:38
I loved it in the 1990s when it was lambasted as a "Supra" and insufficiently extroverted for a flagship Ferrari. Now it's an acknowledged classic. I wish I bought one when they were at $70,000 in 2011. Photo by internet dealer "BAC Monaco" Best, Tim ...  

This red one

 By: cazalea : December 20th, 2019-16:37
Tried to get my boss to let me have it as a company car. Even put our sign on it, but no go. Iā€™d take it now though. Mike ...  

330 GTS would be fine

 By: gieules : December 20th, 2019-21:57

It is the most practical

 By: Gelato Monster : December 21st, 2019-23:09
FF or Lusso