Looks great!

Sep 30, 2021,17:21 PM

Enjoy your new ride!

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She’s finally here!

 By: sebks : September 30th, 2021-17:12
Only 50km today but I’m speechless The color really pops and works fantastically well (in my opinion) with the RS wheels. The interior (race Tex / aluminum) is very sporty but not too loud, I’m very very happy how it turned out! Now the most difficult is ...  

Looks great!

 By: sake : September 30th, 2021-17:21
Enjoy your new ride!

You really should join us on the Wrist Scan forum tomorrow . . .

 By: Dr No : September 30th, 2021-17:25
. . . as our theme will be 'Favorite Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles'. I have a feeling everyone will be thrilled to see your submission.

With pleasure…

 By: sebks : September 30th, 2021-19:12
… but at the risk of sounding stupid I don’t know the rules / what the wrist scan is… wristshot “contest”?

Just wander to our WristScan forum tomorrow . . .

 By: Dr No : September 30th, 2021-19:19
. . . and post a photo (or as many as you would like) of any of your watches alongside your latest pride and joy. We've been sharing photos on that sub-forum weekly for at least twelve years. Best, Art

Huge Congrats... a lovely sports car !

 By: nacelle : September 30th, 2021-17:28
It should be a long love affair, time now to bond with it!

Absolutely Amazing!

 By: JackMcLaessig : September 30th, 2021-17:40
Good job in configure this beauty

Aren’t these the best days???

 By: myles721 : September 30th, 2021-17:43
Car, boat, jet skis, watch…new off the assembly line just for you!!! Looks great…ENJOY😁😁😁

The color is spot on

 By: Daandeluxe : September 30th, 2021-17:48
And your beast being a manual is even more unique! Loving it, I wish you many safe kilometers!!!

My dream car if manual shift turn into PDK

 By: Weems@8 : September 30th, 2021-18:02
Breathless. The striping at the doors looks stunning and not to much. I think the Carrera S is the perfect daily 911. Color, can not be better than what you chosen. Interior strips in alu, just perfect. Clocks, great that Porsche keeps the 911 DNA alive. ... 

Congratulations ! ..

 By: Cpt Scarlet : September 30th, 2021-18:17
It’s good to hear that your happy with your choices. Enjoy !

i don't have it in electronic form

 By: sebks : October 1st, 2021-10:06
but in short: manual transmission, RWD, Sport PASM, Sport Exhaust, RS Spyder wheels, Aluminum trim, 4 ways race tex / alcantara seats, no "advanced" driving aids

Many thanks!

 By: CGJ0 : October 4th, 2021-19:36


 By: Mary Anny : September 30th, 2021-19:10

Congrats for this lovely 911

 By: Flanker : September 30th, 2021-20:08
Manual transmissipn is the best way to tame this beast, enjoy.

I'm picking up my Cayman GTS over the weekend.

 By: Watch_This : September 30th, 2021-20:17
HAD to be manual shift. Amazing how difficult it is to find, even when it comes to Porsche or other sports cars. Yours is a beautiful color. I was very close to buying a 2014 911 exact same color and nearly the same rims... that is a great look. enjoy, an... 

Bravo to you, too!

 By: amanico : September 30th, 2021-20:55

Bravo! Looks great with this config!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : September 30th, 2021-20:51

What a Gorgeous Ride

 By: redbox : September 30th, 2021-22:01
That is the hard part, trying to keep the RPM's low while running up the miles. And then let her rip!

Truly well worth the wait!

 By: ArmisE : October 1st, 2021-00:07
Very happy for you. Drive it in best of health and safety.

Very nice - love the color 👍

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : October 1st, 2021-00:56

Looks very tidy!

 By: Arronax : October 1st, 2021-05:20
Nicely done, congrats. Did you also splurge on the sports exhaust?

Wow , awesome and beautiful porsche

 By: Watchonthewrist : October 1st, 2021-08:10
Enjoy it to the max

yes, shark blue

 By: sebks : October 1st, 2021-10:03

Very cool config!

 By: mrds : October 1st, 2021-19:46
Travelling in style, sebks!! Now stay away from them road cops ;-) And special congrats on the Racetex. Love it in my Taycan. Daniel