White dial, I think

Feb 24, 2023,10:14 AM

Even 15202 was white, not silver

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Which Jumbo model is this one?

 By: 中野れい : February 24th, 2023-08:28
I know this is not 15202 or 14802 (didn't come with white dial I think). Possibly a 15002? Anyone has any info? This is from old AP's Catalogue/book from early 2000. This story of Bruno Rubinski made me want a RO Jumbo badly which led me to buying a used ...  

Confirmed, it's a 15002 with white dial.

 By: 中野れい : February 24th, 2023-08:45
Great watch! I love AP's white dialled ROs.

White dial, I think

 By: 中野れい : February 24th, 2023-10:14
Even 15202 was white, not silver

I have a 15202, it's actually silver, but looking white often

 By: nafetS : February 24th, 2023-10:57
I'm talking about the actual colour, not the naming

From what I have seen many times it is

 By: 中野れい : February 24th, 2023-16:26
silverish white 😂 But I am leaning towards white. My 14802 has dark grey dial wish it were white