To be - or not to be?

Feb 10, 2020,03:42 AM

I like this, but I don’t know how much vs the regular model?

Interested in what the WatchProSite gang thinks?

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It’s not my thing, the ROO, but I do like it.

 By: Jay (Eire) : February 10th, 2020-05:22
The brown and Rose Gold is always a good combination. The strap may be a little bit of a distraction sometimes but I do like the overall combination. What other straps are available, I’d like to see the watch on something single colour just to ensure that... 

The “regular” watch will be easier to live with ....

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 10th, 2020-05:26
However this one is certainly eye catching 👀 and you can always change the strap.

I think it’s ugly

 By: EinPa : February 10th, 2020-05:50
My 2 cents

Might be a bit trendy with the camo strap.

 By: Thomas_3 : February 10th, 2020-06:39
Like someone else mentioned above, I am just not a fan of the Royal Oak line.

I think it looks great.

 By: als1678 : February 10th, 2020-09:03
But I personally can't accept a modular chronograph movement at this price bracket. Eliminates all ROO but one ...

I think it is the best version of this trio presented last year.

 By: MichaelC : February 10th, 2020-10:21
Camo is trendy as someone else replied. I really like camo, so I would not tire, but I think the gold model has the most potential with alternate straps. The green and blue models, I don't see those as regular wearers, but I think the gold could be.

I like it.. and that camo is fun especially on weekends..

 By: janef : February 11th, 2020-00:54
However, I no longer wear my offshores because I find them too common in my circle of friends. I occasionally will put on my Laptimer.. last year I only use it twice.

Your comment “I no longer wear my offshores because I find them too common in my circle of friends” has got me thinking....

 By: NickO : February 11th, 2020-08:22
My favorite brand is De Bethune. Outside of a watch get-together, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the wild. Now let’s imagine that De Bethune is ubiquitous and everyone and their dog owned one. Would that diminish my love of the brand at all? I’ll hav...