Surprise incoming

Mar 13, 2019,19:54 PM

While visiting the AP boutique in Kuala Lumpur and trying the different code 11.59, which did not sing to me, I decided to try the AP Royal Oak Grey dial 37mm. To my surprise this fits like a glove on my wrist, no need to remove any links. Resistance turned out to be futile. At the same time my wife tried the frosted gold grey dial and I must admit they look awesome. The frosted is for me to bling bling but for a lady it is a very stylish watch. Lucky me my wife didn't go for it so we walked out with the ref 15450ST.OO.1256ST.02. A special thanks to the boutique manager who made us feel very welcome.

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Few more shots

 By: Maltie : March 13th, 2019-20:33

Great dial for sure [nt]

 By: Passionata_george : March 14th, 2019-00:24

Very nice impressions there

 By: COUNT DE MONET : March 14th, 2019-02:25
Congratulations to this classy monochrome watch.

Congrats . A beautiful AP . Simple and clean ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

 By: Watchonthewrist : March 14th, 2019-02:49
Wear it in best of health

Congratulations Maltie !

 By: maverickmahesh : March 13th, 2019-23:16
Wear in the best of your health - fits your wrist well. Best, M

Looks and fits perfectly!

 By: ronhan : March 14th, 2019-01:26
Would you reveal your wrist size? Greetings, Ron

I first thought of getting the grey.

 By: jomni1 : March 14th, 2019-01:50
But ended up with White / Silver.

Congratulations, Maltie.

 By: Pretty Boy : March 14th, 2019-02:42
Seems to have the perfect size for your wrist. Well done. Best, V.

What a beauty !!!

 By: Gatsby : March 14th, 2019-10:49
Very very nice - prefer the 15450 over all 41mm models - great choice !!! ENJOY! Werner