Recent Royal Oak snap

May 01, 2022,22:38 PM

Still digging this one quite a bit.

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very unique color

 By: TeutonicCarFan : May 1st, 2022-22:45
kind of a teal green. Love how it works with the tapestrie dial. The milling on that case is sharp!

It is very unique on the wrist.

 By: MichaelC : May 4th, 2022-12:40
Very different feeling for me, for this dial color, which I adore!

This one looks spectacular my friend! Enjoy!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : May 1st, 2022-22:48

I liken myself to a commoner too!

 By: MichaelC : May 4th, 2022-12:41
Nothing special here, aside from starting to buy from the boutique in 2006.

Tremendously cool color!

 By: InHavenPro : May 1st, 2022-23:12
It makes it unique and special. Also, the fact that the date background is color matched. Thanks for the great quality wristshot, Filip

This AP green is different than others I have seen.

 By: MichaelC : May 4th, 2022-12:41
My photo in this thread shows it as green as it gets.

Very nice indeed!

 By: patrick_y : May 2nd, 2022-00:02

How nice it could blend with a dark green sports car...

 By: MichaelC : May 4th, 2022-12:42
I have seen photos of BMW Malachite Green. So tempting!

Ooh la la!

 By: patrick_y : May 4th, 2022-15:55
A Malachite Green! Very tempting indeed!


 By: quattro69  : May 2nd, 2022-00:33
So very cool watch. Congratulations such a sought after piece. Well done. It’s gorgeous!

Thank you, Sir.

 By: MichaelC : May 4th, 2022-12:42

Thanks Sir. Perhaps the green dial will only be produced for the 50th Anniversary year.

 By: MichaelC : May 4th, 2022-12:45
But maybe it will live on. For whatever reason, it is the most sought after color, according to my salesperson. For me, I have never owned green, and that was the reason for choosing it. No regrets

That looks very nice

 By: Arronax : May 2nd, 2022-01:59
Generally not a fan of green but it looks more emerald than green to me qhich is a big plus. Enjoy it in good health!

I have never owned green before.

 By: MichaelC : May 4th, 2022-12:46
A small leap of faith that has been very rewarding.

Home run 🏃‍♀️

 By: Horology75 : May 2nd, 2022-05:10
Beautiful timepiece! Great pic ! Wear it in best of health sir

Thank you very much.

 By: MichaelC : May 4th, 2022-12:46
I'll take good health over any material possession, that is for sure!

GMC = Green Metal Chrono?

 By: pfang56 : May 2nd, 2022-09:14
Love the snap and it’s making me green with envy Congrats on getting this fabulous piece…well deserved!! Peter

Ha! I should have thought about that myself...

 By: MichaelC : May 4th, 2022-12:47
I love it! And thanks as always, Peter.

One for life

 By: stabilizer : May 3rd, 2022-02:09
I am sure. Congrats!

I think so. I really enjoy the 41mm case size.

 By: MichaelC : May 4th, 2022-12:49
I don't see myself building a group of green dials, so this can be it for me.


 By: Eikþyrnir : May 3rd, 2022-16:34
The green is just stunning!! Damn how I desire this piece!!

AP gave us a wonderful shade.

 By: MichaelC : May 4th, 2022-12:49
It goes grey in many lighting conditions.

Green is the way to go now.

 By: JerryW : May 3rd, 2022-22:25
Very cool look.

How are you Amigo?

 By: MichaelC : May 4th, 2022-12:51
Well, I trust! Green is a bit trendy. I had never owned one before, and am glad I waited for the AP variant. As is so typical, AP does it differently, and that always strikes a good chord with me.

All is well in the Lone Star State, hope the same for you.

 By: JerryW : May 6th, 2022-03:18
Starting to look at going back to my AP roots, lol. Funny thing, my last AP purchase was in March 2014.

That is too long Jerry!

 By: MichaelC : May 8th, 2022-12:47
But of course, I understand the circumstances. Still, it would be wonderful to grab a new one if you found a piece to your liking. At least you have some "oldies" that remain as great as any new model they produce

Sorry I'm late to the party my friend.

 By: M4 : May 8th, 2022-12:19
Nice shot. Really nice ROC. How do you like the chrono pushers? Thanks. M4

Hello M4

 By: MichaelC : May 8th, 2022-12:49
Good to see you here. They are of course easier to operate without needing to unscrew the locking collar. I always saw that detail as part of the charm of the older version, but this is a new model, with updated features. Don't be shy about sharing your s... 

Great pic

 By: sschew : May 13th, 2022-17:15
Now that is a stunning watch!!

Thanks my friend.

 By: MichaelC : May 16th, 2022-18:50

Blessed here as well….

 By: Dave G : May 16th, 2022-14:59
By the AP boutique here this week. Love the subtle shade of green. Cheers, Dave ...  

Great photo, congrats!!

 By: MichaelC : May 16th, 2022-18:51
And then there were 2... I'm sure many more to come!