Marina Bay Sands Singapore AP Boutique Great Service

Jul 23, 2020,03:35 AM

First I would like to thank Cecilia Tee at Marina Bay Sands Singapore AP Boutique for patiently sharing a few pieces for my great experience. She was amazed when I show her my 5402st.

Although I didn’t get to buy my ap 15500 grey to my disappointment as I have queue for a year and still no news but I get to try the new 11.59.

Great service.

Ap15450 diamonds bezel with 5402. Cecilia is trying to show me the new grey.

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5402 is in great shape 💪

 By: piccolochimico (aka dsgalaxy1) : July 23rd, 2020-04:58
Bracelet shows some ageing, but though edges aren't sharp like a razor this is how it has to look after 40 years of careful wearing. What do you think of 11:59? Thx

I took the liberty of editing your post...

 By: patrick_y : July 23rd, 2020-09:41
Not everyone knows MBS denotes Marina Bay Sands. I've been to Singapore and MBS and it even took me a bit of thinking. MBS is an informal name for the current head of state of Saudi Arabia.