Dreams never really go away, they simply "sleep" for while and one day...

Feb 03, 2020,14:38 PM

My family members thought that I was impulsive when told about my new project in mid-December.
But they supported me and agreed that I could pursue.
And, a week ago, when we all went for this special moment and they saw my new timepiece "live",
they suddenly realized how beautiful it really is and were amazed.
IMO this timepiece has character, blended with a touch of finesse.

At the end of the week I pulled back a thread that I posted in August 2008 (see blow) in which I was
asking Nicolas his opinion about a new inspiration. I had my family read it.
It does not sound too impulsive anymore, isn't it?
It just confirms that the best purchases are the ones guided by passion.

Best regards,

August 2008 Thread


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Big congratulations 🥳 [nt]

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 4th, 2020-14:04