Could be a one off

Oct 14, 2020,09:30 AM

The design language is not what you expect from the brand

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Has anyone seen this dial execution before?

 By: Ray1126 : October 14th, 2020-00:43
I got this one from a local AD in around 2002/2003. At the time I got it I was only attracted by its dial, and did not ask for too much information. But after I got it I never saw another piece again in all these years. I could not find it from the Intern...  

Yes, I have seen it online before

 By: VinnieD : October 14th, 2020-01:12
But never in person. This was the same period as their big Jules XX 6th Day 43mm or so if I am not mistaken The signature in the power reserve is excellent!

Quite unique piece ! [nt]

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : October 14th, 2020-02:36

First time

 By: Weems@8 : October 14th, 2020-02:59
i see it. The power reserve meter is marvelous. It’s your unique AP. you acquired it around 2002/2003. The time i started to see what is around in luxury watch world. The first watches i saw were AP’s. Honestly i was on the discovery for Rolex models. Tha... 

Never! [nt]

 By: amanico : October 14th, 2020-03:13

never have i ever seen this dial in my life

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : October 14th, 2020-03:46
what a very very rare bird you have

I want to say yes, but the truth is no, I have not seen it.

 By: MichaelC : October 14th, 2020-05:44
I will review some publications in my library and see if it is in print. Perhaps it was a dealer or regional version.

Could be a one off

 By: penang1974 : October 14th, 2020-09:30
The design language is not what you expect from the brand

Thanks for all the replies..

 By: Ray1126 : October 15th, 2020-00:11
No matter how rare a watch is, you would still find it somewhere on the Internet. But I don't know why I have no luck on this piece. Interestingly AP had confirmed with me its technical information - at least it is authentic. I am so much interested to kn... 

I've seen one!

 By: mitichili : October 15th, 2020-18:46
My friend has the same piece that he inherited from his dad! Unfortunately, he could not provide me with more information about the piece and I have not found anything related online either. I intend to take it to AP House Hong Kong with my friend sometim...  

Wow! It's so great to see another same piece!

 By: Ray1126 : October 16th, 2020-02:02
Here's the technical information: Case number: E33936 Movement number: 496145 Calibre: 2229/2845 Reference: 25730 I doubt if the Hong Kong AP could provide much information, but no harm to try.

That’s Fantastic

 By: Colin W : October 16th, 2020-15:19
A very rare mystery AP - hope you get further details to share - best of luck.

I saw this Dual Time on another Post

 By: JoeP : October 21st, 2020-08:17
If I recall correctly, there was another post about this model. Particular details escapes me, however, I believe the post was able to confirm that the model was a Hong Kong boutique edition.