A new addition, but it's not the watch...

Jun 08, 2021,20:57 PM

For you AP Offshore 42 owners/fans here's something I was able to finally get (as they are hard to come by in my experience) and IMO looks and feels great!

The watch head is so heavy that the tang buckle (while still great) just doesn't give me the confidence while taking the watch off. 

I'm not necessarily a butter fingers but you never know lol. 

Also for those of you who know the AP deployant clasps historically have the reputation of being very uncomfortable.  Well I fixed that simply by

switching the strap the other way and it's way more comfortable for me.  Also I'm happy that the clasp retains original tang buckle look at the full 20mm size.

Also (just my opinion of course) I feel it visually and functionally balances the watch a bit better.  I was never fond of the 18mm deployant so I'm glad I found this one.

I wasn't even aware of it's existence until I saw on this forum a while back so I have watchprosite to thank for that! I also found pics that compares this clasp to the 18mm version.

Credit goes to rolexforums I wasn't sure how to post the link so I added the pics at the very bottom.(Last 3 pics, the rest are mine)

So if any of you are looking to get a new low key feel to your 42mm offshore and want to spruce it up a bit without being too obvious, this is a great way to do it!

Plus there are a plethora of strap choices that also fit this clasp beautifully and as you can see the buckle tongue fits the straps with the oblong holes which makes it very secure.  

Although I must say, it was difficult to track one down so maybe some of you will have better luck smile

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