Have a good week everyone. I am starting my week with the Saxonia Annual Calendar. It puts a smile on my face.

Mar 15, 2021,06:02 AM

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You are starting with a bang my friend! Well done

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : March 15th, 2021-07:43

Thanks guys. I appreciate the kind words.

 By: Galen : March 15th, 2021-10:28
I need to up my game with the photos. The photos that people are taking are amazing. I have to learn how to do that better with my iPhone 12.

Thanks Nic. I am looking at possibly buying the Fuji X100v camera soon.

 By: Galen : March 15th, 2021-12:25
It take beautiful photos from what I have seen.

Yes that’s true.

 By: Galen : March 15th, 2021-15:01