Definitely Jean Rousseau

Nov 24, 2022,13:45 PM

The NY Lange boutique used to offer customization for straps through JR if they didn’t have a color a customer wanted.  I haven’t been there in a while so maybe things have changed as the brand has become ‘popular’.  JR can also give you the Lange strap boxed-end finish (not sure what else to call it!).

Its always best to see the colors in person but there is a beautiful darkish blue that JR carry that is pretty close (to my eyes) to the 25th anniversary straps.  The strap no. Is 7652 - full credit goes to our mod CR who mentioned it in one of his posts and its stunning in person.  If you do that with a grey or silver stitching you are pretty close.  Of course, nothing beats sifting through the leather swatches in person and the JR store in New York is extremely helpful and are willing to spend a lot of time with you if you call ahead (or walk in at the right time).

The other alternative that I usually go for is Kaufmann.  Wempe in NY carries their catalog and can order from a variety of options.  The downside is that they don’t have swatches on hand so you will have to go with the pictures but the end product to my eyes is also really close to the picture.  For what its worth, Kaufmann used to make Lange’s straps in the past and can make the Lange boxed-end finish if asked.  I personally find their quality to be as good as JR and CF and pricing is around the same or a little less depending on configuration.

Hope this helps and happy Thanksgiving!

All the best,

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Anyone familiar with Camille Fournet for an OEM strap for Lange?

 By: darrony : November 24th, 2022-04:26
I am told CF makes the straps for Lange, I am trying to get a navy/royal blue gator commissioned to 125yr anniversary specs. The boutique wouldn’t sell to me. I tried one email contacting CF directly but was unsuccessful, will try again but checking here ... 


 By: JV_Zag : November 24th, 2022-12:53
I just had them make a custom strap for my Lange 1 - looked identical to an OEM (just different color) and great customer service

Concur + additional info

 By: CR : November 24th, 2022-16:58
If you visit Jean Rousseau, ask to look at the actual skins (not the swatches of skins), and do not look at them in the showroom lighting. Bring them to the window and look at them there, in natural lighting. There's a huge difference. Also, I prefer to g...  

Not heard CF do Lange straps.

 By: russell996 : November 24th, 2022-09:45
CF do some Patek straps for sure. The Lange boutiques seem to have a tie in with Jean Rousseau as do VC boutiques.

Definitely Jean Rousseau

 By: walidk : November 24th, 2022-13:45
The NY Lange boutique used to offer customization for straps through JR if they didn’t have a color a customer wanted. I haven’t been there in a while so maybe things have changed as the brand has become ‘popular’. JR can also give you the Lange strap box... 

Very glad you posted this, Walid!

 By: CR : November 24th, 2022-16:34
I really liked the Lange straps that were made by Kaufmann. I think Perrin also made Lange straps years ago, and those were nice too.

Thanks Craig!

 By: darrony : November 24th, 2022-19:40

Thanks Walid!

 By: darrony : November 24th, 2022-19:39

Thanks Gents! I actually thought it was JR as well

 By: darrony : November 24th, 2022-19:26
But a big collector (not on this forum said CF)…. But maybe they misspoke.

It’s no problem at CF

 By: immerschnell : November 25th, 2022-21:29
I did earlier this past summer with them. It was super easy and they were very helpful. It’s not instantaneous but they will get back to you. I couldn’t be happier with their product. Let me know if you have questions. Literally just did all custom design... 

Thanks immerschnell… to be clear

 By: darrony : November 26th, 2022-05:31
You got your custom strap on Lange OEM specs by CF… not JR?

 By: immerschnell : November 26th, 2022-06:48
Hi again. Yes I had it designed to be the proper length for me. The tip or end can be made to look curved like the Lange end or other ways as you can see on the configuration. Yes all with CF. I have it on my 1815 u/d and swapped another oem Lange strap i... 

Thank you!!

 By: darrony : November 26th, 2022-07:22

 By: immerschnell : November 26th, 2022-07:34
Most definitely!! I enjoyed the experience and was great to make a bespoke one as desired and not just off the shelf.

Update Here… I am conversing with CF

 By: darrony : December 3rd, 2022-10:20
While they admit Lange has access to their leathers they neither confirm or deny they are OEM manufacturers for them and they would not state which leather if any is the 25th anniversary blue. In fact they suggest two other colors and said those are close... 

Yes! And they have said they will help

 By: darrony : December 3rd, 2022-19:42
Me with all the the appropriate strap characteristics thickness at lug vs tip, square padding, etc… but they won’t out right tell me the color 🤣


 By: amanico : December 3rd, 2022-19:52

Are you saying you meant to say "JR" rather than "CF"?

 By: CR : December 3rd, 2022-21:38
If so, these may be helpful, below. This is an old JR order form. Where it says "~1/4 of length should be round scales" refers to the smaller scales towards the tip of the long end of the strap. I like that gradation to smaller scales at the end. Also, as...  

Thanks Craig! While I initially contacted CF

 By: darrony : December 4th, 2022-01:15
I am currently only working with JR at the moment. So in my last update it was JR (not CF) that neither confirmed nor denied that they make OEM straps for Lange, but would help me with every spec of Lange except the color confirmation for the 25th

You might just have to go there and pick a nice blue! :)

 By: CR : December 4th, 2022-04:33
That's what I did, specifically for the perfect shade of blue. It was fun! They have so many different blue skins! And personally, I prefer the slightly rounded padding that Lange used in its older OEM straps versus the more rectangular-shaped padding (wi... 

Since I’m on west coast;

 By: darrony : December 5th, 2022-00:43
I will have to rely on swatches or ordering off a screen 🤣