Of grail watches and life changing experiences.

Nov 26, 2020,11:28 AM

I've been reading these forums for a long time, but it's the first time I'm posting anything here. I hope you're interested in hearing the story behind my 191.039 as well as what made me decide to become a watchmaker at the age of 35. You can find the articles on my personal webpage/portfolio at [link deactivated].

I apologize for redirecting you to reach the content, but it would feel stupid to copy-paste everything here. For those that are not interested in venturing outside of these forums, enjoy the photography.

Kind regards,

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Welcome as an active member!

 By: lm6 : November 26th, 2020-12:44
Fantastic to read your story, and very nice pictures to go with it! Regarding your description of your first "meeting" with a Lange-watch I can only say: my sentiments exactly. My first Lange was a Saxonia. But it was not the last. My latest says hello to...  

Very nice...

 By: mdg : November 26th, 2020-13:40
...and welcome. The second photo makes the dial almost look like enamel ; ) Wouldn't that be a great version?

Welcome to our forum, and thanks for some beautiful pictures of your Lange.

 By: FabR : November 26th, 2020-13:44
I'm leaving your thread up, but I have deactivated the link to your personal website, as we obviously don't allow self-promotional links on WatchProSite (nor job application materials such as CV and portfolio). Per our Terms of Conduct: "Please note that ... 

Apologies for not being aware of certain forum policies.

 By: Art Leko : November 26th, 2020-23:19
Is it still possible to edit my original thread? I would like to share the story that is closely related to watches and my Lange, but I would rather not make a completely new thread for it.

Welcome! Beautiful and rich pictures!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : November 26th, 2020-14:34

Thanks for sharing Art.

 By: Mario : November 27th, 2020-02:10
Glad you found a direction you seem to enjoy. Many people go through their whole life without finding something they are passionate about. Me I have too many LOL.

Welcome here, Roope!

 By: mrds : November 27th, 2020-04:45
And thanks for sharing these terrific pictures of a true icon. Best, Daniel