My favorite Lange

Jul 03, 2024,11:55 AM

At least when I wear it!

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 By: donizetti : July 4th, 2024-13:07
I really like the color too. Best Andreas

Appreciate it!

 By: donizetti : July 4th, 2024-13:08
I like that combo too. Best Andreas


 By: donizetti : July 4th, 2024-13:08


 By: Dimardi : July 3rd, 2024-13:02
That dial color is fantastic...thanks for sharing...amazing timepiece!

Thanks for the comment

 By: donizetti : July 4th, 2024-13:09
The dial color is the reason I chose this variant. Best Andreas

I love the dial color. And the bracelet is very interesting.

 By: gary_g : July 3rd, 2024-13:56
Pls post the back of this watch. I’d love to see the movement.

Thanks Gary.

 By: donizetti : July 4th, 2024-13:10
Posted (my attempt at) the movement shot. Best Andreas

Killer on the bracelet!

 By: bruckner4 : July 3rd, 2024-14:20

And great in the summer!

 By: donizetti : July 4th, 2024-13:10
Thanks, Andreas

Love the Lange

 By: Aquaracer1 : July 3rd, 2024-15:53
Especially paired with this jacket ! Well played 👍🏻

Thanks :)

 By: donizetti : July 4th, 2024-13:10

Thanks Nicolas!

 By: donizetti : July 4th, 2024-13:10

Lively datoperpetual

 By: yming : July 4th, 2024-04:06
Have always preferred this reference with Romans

Indeed one beautiful ALS 👌🏻😘

 By: Watchonthewrists : July 4th, 2024-06:20
Looks great on a bracelet too

Thank you!

 By: donizetti : July 4th, 2024-13:11

And the backside

 By: donizetti : July 4th, 2024-13:06

Killer movement.

 By: amanico : July 4th, 2024-14:50


 By: Langepedia : July 4th, 2024-21:42
Thanks for sharing, Andreas!

A rare beauty dressed with a rare bracelet.

 By: Rhyzen : July 8th, 2024-22:38
The Datograph Perpetual is a marvel, especially in this combination. Sublime....

Thank you!

 By: donizetti : July 12th, 2024-12:03
one of my favorites. Best Andreas

It was a standard accessory from Lange for a while

 By: donizetti : July 13th, 2024-07:21
made by the German jeweller, Wellendorff. I don't think many were fitted on the Datograph Perpetual, however. I have only seen one other example in PT. It is very comfortable. Best Andreas