Interview mit ALS CEO - grotesque statements regarding sales of Lange Odysseus

May 27, 2021,16:57 PM


An interesting interview with Mr. Schmid, CEO of ALS, appeared at www.deployant .com: most-important-lessons/

His statements regarding the sales of the Odysseus seem almost grotesque. Or - may be - the meaning between the lines are just incredibly impertinent?

ALS has noticed that long-time collectors and fans of the brand feel they've been put in the wrong. ALS also clearly knows what is causing this. And the reaction to this?? The arrogance is taken to the extreme with Mr. Schmid asking those people to remain sympathetic to the brand and wait and see. Probably until the ALS boutiques have skimmed off the cream and can no longer find anyone who buys other models in addition to the watch they actually want, in order to "qualify". And all this impersonally via an interview.

If Mr. Schmid had honestly appreciated that these collectors turn to him or the brand he could have at least answered these letters/mails directly. No - he didn't.
Or he could have made a concrete offer to long-time collectors and fans. No - he didn't.
ALS would be open to hear how one could do it better. No - they don't. There have been ideas on how to do this, if it were really about ensuring that certain watches actually end up with passionate collectors and not with investors.

All in all, a great textbook example of miserable customer orientation and above all disastrous communication - but meanwhile also exciting to follow. To be continued for sure.

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:-)..but good post

 By: Soul_wolfin : May 27th, 2021-17:04

yes - you most likely always have a few watches going to investors ...

 By: flopi3 : May 27th, 2021-17:09
... but if you serve long-time collectors you minimize this risk. And I know quite some collectors who did not get the chance to buy the Odysseus simply because they are customers of ADs and not of the would be not that difficult to connect boutiques and... 

It took almost a year before I saw a 1st Odysseus on the C24 platform

 By: Clueless_Collector : May 27th, 2021-17:22
And this is a successful feat IMO….not to say customers from ADs are going to flip. As an owner, I like what I see and just comparing the WG model, you can see the difference in the listings. If they open the floor to many channels, like all other hype pi... 

Honestly - I don't care about listings of watches ...

 By: flopi3 : May 27th, 2021-17:32
... I buy and collect watches for the sake of enjoying them and don't focus on resale values etc.

I care because I don’t like seeing flippers taking advantage…

 By: Clueless_Collector : May 27th, 2021-17:34
but this is the reality nowadays, too many Specollectors.

Not a fan of this policy…

 By: mdg : May 27th, 2021-17:35
…I have a friend with two boutique Langes and a couple of ‘regular’ ones, along with some gorgeous Patek special pieces. He’s looking to get 3 Lange application pieces and will commit to getting them all in a year’s time-frame. But they won’t sell him a s... 

Part of the same trends in the watch industry.

 By: quattro98 : May 27th, 2021-17:37
Brands are pulling either specific models or the entire line from long-term authorized dealers. I don't welcome the move towards boutiques, I have known my local dealers for 20+ years. I have little interest in changing how I buy watches. Thankfully, I ha... 

Patek always have allocation of in-demand pieces for new customers

 By: CastorKrieg : May 27th, 2021-18:02
Guess ALS can learn something from Patek. I cannot understand who thought making the policy 'buy something you don't want to get a shot at something you care about' official thought it was a good idea?

Have to say I take the exact opposite view to you of the conversation.

 By: russell996 : May 27th, 2021-18:53
Mr Schmid seems to be taking a wholly considered view to the issue of over demand and under supply. There is no golden bullet but admitting it is not easy and constantly trying to improve the system to get the pieces to collectors not flippers seems to be... 

Aha -

 By: flopi3 : May 27th, 2021-19:50
… how do you explain that customers with existing ALS timepieces are told they have to wait at least 5 years unless the buy a watch from the respective boutique in which case the waiting time gets reduced to approx 1 year (by the way: I have this black an... 

Not abandoning a customer segment isn't rocket science. I find the CEOs statements entirely disingenuous.

 By: Fastwong : May 27th, 2021-21:07
Honestly, if the CEO didn't realize all these customers would get left behind or the leadership team didn't have the mental capacity to design a transition that could include previous fans that purchased at ADs, none of them should have their jobs. I find... 

"Patience" is a virtue.

 By: M4 : May 28th, 2021-00:18
Today's market conditions won't last forever. True "collectors" will have their day, again. M4

All they had to do was talk to ADs and work it out so AD purchases would count toward boutique magic points.

 By: Spangles - Mr. Tabby : May 28th, 2021-02:04
Problem solved. In the case of over demand, limited supply, just make it fair.

When ordered the Odysseus I was given the impression…

 By: flopi3 : May 28th, 2021-06:00
… That exactly this was the case and I got an estimated waiting time which was ok. When I called the boutique earlier this year just to ask if I could expect delivery any time in 2021 I was told surprisingly that I should not expect the watch in the next ... 

This is exactly what they do.

 By: russell996 : May 28th, 2021-07:33
My Boutique asked me to bring in papers for all my non Boutique purchases. They then logged them with the Lange factory while I waited.

Did you ever buy a watch from the Boutique?

 By: flopi3 : May 28th, 2021-08:16
If yes, off course did you get an Odysseus delivered after an appropriate waiting time. My point is: if you never ever bought a watch in ALS boutique but only at ADs you currently dön't get the watch. In addition, I believe that they changed their system.... 

An AD owner in Boston told me a story of one of his exceptional clients.

 By: TheMadDruid : May 28th, 2021-17:10
This client had purchased numerous, and expensive Langes from the AD. When the client watched to get an Odysseus not one of his purchases from the AD counted. The AD could do nothing to help, although he tried by contacting NY and Dresden. The client had ... 

This is the most publicity I’ve seen around Lange for years.

 By: jmpTT : May 28th, 2021-02:58
Pretty sure even the CEO expects demand to soften enough post-COVID to relax the application requirements. The application process will not go away though, if management can help it, The application model is a mark of success for a luxury brand. When your... 

Customers are focusing way too much on distribution in my opinion:

 By: Jim14 : May 28th, 2021-19:08
The company made its name producing amazing timepieces that are designed and finished beautifully. The CEO must, first and foremost, carry on in that tradition and I am sure that most of his time and energy is spent in that direction. Distribution is but ... 

Which boutique is this?

 By: Gibraltar : June 8th, 2021-15:16
No problem to buy a Zeitwerk with no purchase history at the boutique in HK. They suggested I buy one to get allocated a triple split...

ALS is playing this arrogant game as customers allow them to do!

 By: flopi3 : June 8th, 2021-19:24
Just simply walk out of the shop and don’t buy. This is the only language to tell that the customer decides what he/she want to buy.