Has the love for Lange has been lost? Disappointing auction results and low prices being offered by resellers ..

Jun 28, 2020,08:25 AM

Saw the auction results for the beautiful pair and I remember they were for $100k and today in Antiquorum Lange 1 Rose struggled at chf 12500 and double split platinum at chf 47000. What’s happening ???

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I think they can be an investment, but only if...

 By: mdg : June 28th, 2020-12:28
...you get very lucky with an early-model independent (Smith, Journe, etc.) or you have millions of dollars to buy only the best and rarest examples. Of course, if the latter, then watches are most likely a small part of a much larger portfolio : )

Not to me...even if I had millions...

 By: mdg : June 28th, 2020-12:51
...to 'invest' I would only buy what I liked. And I would make it a rule to wear the damned things. I was addressing the question from the perspective of 'under what circumstances can watches be an investment strategy.' Would love to be so rich I could bu... 

I agree, it’s nice when they go up if it allows me to buy into something higher end...

 By: pejp : June 28th, 2020-20:09
...but that’s as far as an ‘investment’ watches are for me. Every penny I’ve ever made on a watch has just gone back into other watches, and in some cases has enabled me to afford watches I couldn’t otherwise afford or be justified in spending. E.g I have... 

My wife keeps telling me how well she's done with Microsoft stock...

 By: mdg : June 28th, 2020-20:47
...and I remind her (though she knows this and is much smarter than me) that we've made zero until we sell it : ) Some of us are lucky enough to buy whatever we want and never have to flip or sell for a trade-up watch (not me but I know some very nice peo... 

Was 47,000 CHF the Hammer Price on the Double-Split?

 By: NickO : June 28th, 2020-09:01
If so, you’d have to add the Buyer’s Premium (which I think is 25%) to get a final sales price of 58,750 CHF which is about $62K USD. Not great, but better. Of course, that didn’t help the seller as they’re going to receive 47,000 CHF minus the Seller’s P... 

Iam aware of the commissions and I bid actively and have been observing the Lange well theu in particular as I have many pieces and offcourse want a couple for collection.

 By: Horology75 : June 28th, 2020-09:22
Double split was a $150k watch and now has depreciated more then 60 percent which is a lot for an icon like DS ..

The overall watch market

 By: watch-er : June 28th, 2020-09:13
is very soft right now particularly the PM dress watch lines. A few segments that are very hot such as SS sports models from a few select brands and Patek complicated vintage pieces create the impression watches overall are doing well, but sadly these are... 

That's my feeling as well.

 By: r0gue : June 28th, 2020-09:29
Right or wrong, that's my feeling.

Six months ago the prices for Patek 5980 was around 120.000 USD and are 80.000 USD.

 By: aris d : June 28th, 2020-09:22
So we have a correction for the whole industry, except of course of some vintage Pateks and Rolex Daytonas.

Well Iam talking about retail prices and not premiums. I paid 41k for my 5980 in 2009

 By: Horology75 : June 28th, 2020-09:54
The premiums are first to hit however discussion is going under retail by a larger percentage

This is what is so scary about getting into Lange

 By: descartes1 : June 28th, 2020-09:46
You really have to buy it right or be absolutely certain it’s a keeper.

Two auctions this weekend, Phillips and Antiquorum...

 By: CR : June 28th, 2020-10:11
I don't follow auctions closely but was looking at some of the results. The Luna Mundi pair was quite low, but these were never popular watches. I remember when they were offered new and dealers couldn't sell them. I was offered a pair at a deep discount ... 

I only buy what I like and I support art of Horology hence bought watches like defy inventor to other pieces with enamel dials and special ones ..

 By: Horology75 : June 28th, 2020-10:20
Otherwise I would have ended with Rolexes if money mattered . I have few Rolexes but by and large have more breguet timepieces and pateks ..

No problem, my friend. It is just that you can endlessly turn around like a gold fish when we discuss prices. Hence it is better to discuss watches, in my opinion.

 By: amanico : June 28th, 2020-11:17
It is not because a watch doesn't fetch a good price that it is not a good watch. And it is not because a watch keeps its value that it is a good watch. Trends, tendencies, bubbles don't always go in par with Horology.

I agree that it is a slippery slope.

 By: als1678 : June 28th, 2020-16:56
I especially think that discussing auction prices is fairly pointless. Often it is nothing more than the egos of two bidders. But I would love for the notion of value, whatever it is, to be more openly discussed here. We are often letting brands get away ... 

Journe is not like PP or ALS

 By: shafran : June 28th, 2020-10:44
They only make 900 pieces per year. As they catch on with more people the supply is not growing and demand will. Simply not enough to go around. I was told by a reliable source that the boutiques have no more CS or Eegante 48 in stock but have waiting lis... 

CS as well! Surprising, but I hope all this is a good sign for FPJ!

 By: Spangles - Mr. Tabby : June 28th, 2020-11:45
Given the trouble DeBethune, LF, and others were having even prior to the pandemic, it is nice to see FPJ thriving on several levels.