Great looking photographs! Both watches are cool, but the Zeitwerk is one of my favorite watches. Thanks for the photos! [nt]

Jan 07, 2019,15:23 PM

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Fantastic Duo! (1815 Chronograph & Zeitwerk)

 By: penny : November 11th, 2018-04:30
Hi, Are you having a good weekend? I've uploaded two cool models that I recently took. HAGWE! Best, Penny. ...  

Two fantastic watches. And some very nicely composed pictures.

 By: Jay (Eire) : November 11th, 2018-04:37
How do you find the ZW day to day on the wrist?

Thanks :) [nt]

 By: penny : November 25th, 2018-06:54

These are great shots

 By: Hulkbuster : November 11th, 2018-06:03
Can u let me know what camera and lens u using, thanks for sharing

Thank you! [nt]

 By: penny : November 25th, 2018-06:55

Two gorgeous timepieces, love them.

 By: VMM : November 11th, 2018-10:28
Beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing. Vte

That first shot is damn good!

 By: mahesh : November 11th, 2018-12:44
My fav Zeitwerk version ! Best, Mahesh.,

Beautiful shots!

 By: TheWindingStem : November 11th, 2018-14:37
also, where did you get that loupe from? its uber cool!

Excellent pics and wrist shot!

 By: BABKA : November 12th, 2018-15:35
Thanks for sharing and enjoy!

Thank you

 By: doubleup : November 13th, 2018-15:15
Those are amazing pics. Great taste in watches and mad skills with the camera.

Stunning shots

 By: Geo : November 15th, 2018-23:38
The Zeitwerk is king and the only L&S watch that really gave me sleepless nights. I love these big jumping numerals and that stunning caliber. In the beginning I had to get used to the strong black & white dial, but now I really love everything about ... 


 By: Chromatic Fugue : November 16th, 2018-20:08
... both the watches and the photos. Thanks for sharing!


 By: biw : November 25th, 2018-17:09
Both the watches and your photos. Thanks for the uploads.


 By: esotericjunkie : January 6th, 2019-19:08
WOW what beautiful movements! Best in the industry. The fit and finish on Lange is the very best.

Zeitwerk for the Win!!!!

 By: esotericjunkie : January 28th, 2019-12:41
The Zeitwerk for the win!!! I tried one on this week while in Vegas. The white gold/back dial was far more striking than the gold version. One day.....