Fresh pics of my 1815 chronograph

Jan 07, 2019,14:00 PM

the lights were perfect today!


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Nice strap combo...

 By: NautNut : January 7th, 2019-14:01
...very well done

Thanks a lot! [nt]

 By: foversta : January 7th, 2019-14:05

Great photos..

 By: Cpt Scarlet : January 7th, 2019-14:07
The watch and strap combo looks great. Happy New Year to you.

That is absolutely stunning! [nt]

 By: thegrailwatch : January 7th, 2019-19:53

Perfect strap. [nt]

 By: aris d : January 7th, 2019-21:56

very elegant and dressy Chrono !

 By: maverickmahesh : January 7th, 2019-22:50
class apart Fx !! Best, mahesh.,

Boutique edition

 By: watch-er : January 9th, 2019-18:21
Nice watch.