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Jun 02, 2022,14:35 PM

Many of us (myself included) don't hesitate to put aftermarket, non-OEM straps on our watches. However, we're more cautious about doing this very same thing with bracelets. That's interesting to me.

I started thinking about this in 2018, after putting an aftermarket steel bracelet on the Grand Lange 1 Moonphase Lumen. That was my first experiment with aftermarket bracelets and Langes, and I was very happy with that result.

Last year, fellow forum member nice2guy posted this thread showing a steel Shinola bracelet (their standard 5-link 20mm bracelet) on his platinum Datograph, and by chance I saw that watch in person several months later.  I was impressed. I thought that particular bracelet looked fantastic on his platinum Datograph.

I recently decided to get one of these Shinola bracelets and try it on a Lange 1. I was very, very happy with the outcome.

Many people were interested in the steel Shinola bracelet that nice2guy posted, so I thought I'd provide some additional details.

First are some photos comparing that steel Shinola bracelet with its equivalent 20mm platinum Lange bracelet, which was made by Wellendorf about 20 years ago. This platinum Lange bracelet (which is not for sale) is unused and still has its blue tape on the clasp, though I had some of the links removed to fit my small wrist.

First we can see the weight difference between the two bracelets. To ensure a true comparison of the full bracelets, I included the links that were removed from the platinum bracelet (in the little white bag on the scale). The platinum bracelet is much heavier, of course.

Here are the two clasps. The steel Shinola clasp is at the top. Quality is excellent. To close the Shinola clasp, you must secure one side of the bracelet first before the other side will close. It's a snap-fit. I prefer to have the 12 o'clock side close first and the 6 o'clock side close last (which I accidentally screwed up at first, so I had to reverse the clasp after attaching it to the Lange 1 to solve that problem). Opening the Shinola clasp requires depressing both side buttons. Again, very secure. The precious metal Lange clasp, at the bottom of the pic, is made from 18K white gold, not platinum. Some platinum Lange bracelets have platinum clasps, while others (like this one) have white gold clasps. To close the Lange clasp, you can secure either side first, in no particular order. It's a friction-fit, so you can pull on either side to open it. The Lange clasp also feels secure despite being a friction fit. 

Here's the wide open steel Shinola clasp. Nice and thick, as you can see.

Here's the "public face" of each clasp, with the Shinola clasp on the left attached to a Lange 1.

Here we can see another "public face" photo of each bracelet. The steel Shinola bracelet is on the left, attached to the watch. Note the slightly curved endlinks, which are a very nice touch and which take regular straight springbars. As you can see from this photo, the curved endlink of the Shinola bracelet comes close to the inside of the Lange 1 caseback but it doesn't touch it. This was a relief:  The Shinola bracelet required no "shaving"/buffing or other special adjustment to avoid damaging the Lange 1 caseback. It fit fine right out of the box. 

Here's a side view of both bracelets. Again, the Shinola bracelet is on the left, attached to the watch. Platinum Lange bracelet is on the right.

And here are some more photos of just the Shinola bracelet.

Bottom line:  If you have a 20mm white metal Lange (particularly platinum) and are looking for a nice bracelet to try, consider this one from Shinola!

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I think this looks fantastic!

 By: Rhyzen : June 2nd, 2022-14:44
Lange offers too little options for such accessories....


 By: nice2guy : June 2nd, 2022-16:19
That bracelet looks great on your Lange 1. And very informative comparison with the plat. I never get tired of my Shinola on the plat. dato., especially during the hot summer months. And thanks for your mention.

Thanks nice2guy

 By: smironov : July 24th, 2022-07:02
For your discovery of this bracelet for us! Following your steps I've bought it for my plat Dato 1st gen and it suited so well that i went and bought another one for my L1 in WG. Thanks so much for sharing this discovery!

Thanks Smironov

 By: nice2guy : July 29th, 2022-17:34
So glad you are enjoying!

Thanks for the thorough review!

 By: darrony : June 3rd, 2022-14:11
I like the mesh also with the Moonphase lumen

Thanks for the post CFR

 By: walidk : August 8th, 2022-03:27
And also thanks to nice2guy for this great find! I see you put it on your wg L1 and a question came to mind. I am thinking of using one interchangeably between pt and wg langes. Do you think the stainless steel might cause harm to the inside of the lugs c... 

Thanks so much for the kind words, Walid.

 By: CR : August 9th, 2022-03:57
A bracelet is indeed a fine thing to wear in this hot weather! The watch case in the pic is platinum, not WG. I haven't tried it on a WG case. I considered possible lug damage and decided that I couldn't let that deter me. I like the look too much. I figu... 


 By: walidk : August 10th, 2022-00:51
You and nice2guy have definitely pushed me over the edge! Will place it on mine and report back with pics. Must say I am quite impressed by the quality of the Shinola bracelet and the team at the Tribeca store are quite fun and extremely helpful - well wo... 

You're totally correct!

 By: CR : August 10th, 2022-01:50
All the pics of the MOP guilloche dial that I posted previously were of a 110.030. This one is a 110.037. There's room for both I too am really, really impressed by the Shinola bracelet quality. I bought an extra because they're so cheap, and I knew I'd f... 

There is always room for more!

 By: walidk : August 12th, 2022-17:03
I am quite happy with the Shinola bracelet now that you and Nice2Guy allayed my concerns. What are watches if we can’t enjoy them! Currently on the wrist: And why not be a bit playful 😉 (from earlier in the day): All the best, Walid ...