Big Date Day (25th)

Jun 25, 2022,23:45 PM

I was hoping to post this earlier but got distracted. Any other Big Dates showing the 25th? Let's see 'em!

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 By: C_W : June 26th, 2022-00:25
I suppose a prompt from CR to share a big date pic is as good a reason as any for a first post on the forum! ...  

As vitalsigns said, welcome to you and your classic Lange 1!

 By: CR : June 26th, 2022-03:46
Does the date window gold frame have some patina on it, or is that just the lighting?


 By: C_W : June 26th, 2022-11:01
I knew an eagle eye like yours would notice that on this pic! It's actually just the lighting, as all of the rose gold applied bits are even in color / tone in real life.

Welcome, C W.

 By: amanico : June 26th, 2022-08:01

Fantastic idea!

 By: Rhyzen : June 26th, 2022-00:55
An older picture.... ...  

Indeed my friend.

 By: Rhyzen : June 28th, 2022-09:11
A most underappreciated piece, unfortunately.

Love the Sax-o-mat......

 By: TonyR : June 26th, 2022-03:19
It's such and underrated model. (like the Cabaret) I'm out of town or I would have shown the 25th as well, instead I'll post an old shot 4 days off! ...  


 By: CR : June 29th, 2022-04:37

a bro says hi

 By: penfriend : June 26th, 2022-11:11


 By: CR : June 27th, 2022-01:52
Never tire of that Sax-0-Mat movement.

Back in the 1990's and early 2000's.....

 By: TonyR : June 26th, 2022-13:34
When these watches were produced Lange used to allow you to swap the hands out, they no longer allow it. Good catch btw, I didn’t notice the blue hands at first glance!

I did not know that! Too bad no longer an option!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : June 26th, 2022-14:35

A most beautiful thread! All pics here show Lange at its best.

 By: mrds : June 26th, 2022-13:20
I do not own one so can’t contribute, but I thoroughly enjoy what I see here.

My Dato 25th

 By: Francis5 : June 30th, 2022-14:21

I acquired it more than 15 years ago, but

 By: Francis5 : July 1st, 2022-00:00
never knew the nickname until I read it from some literature well after. So that's a bonus 😉

CR, do you still have the Yellow Jacket?

 By: TonyR : July 1st, 2022-03:17
Aside from the Pisa or a few other one off's that may be the rarest Dato of all.

I do.

 By: CR : July 1st, 2022-04:24
I've always loved the look of a YG case with a black dial, and the Yellowjacket is the only YG/black dial watch that Lange ever made.

Once again, I forgot about Big Date Day until now! :)

 By: CR : July 25th, 2022-19:15
Any others wearing a Big Date today? ...  

What a beauty this one!

 By: Langepedia : July 25th, 2022-20:47
I wonder - what!s the story with the blue hands on the Langematik?

Thanks Alp, I hope you're well! I bought it preowned like that 19 years ago.

 By: CR : July 26th, 2022-01:53
There are two possibilities: Either a prior owner had Lange change the hands, or the AD ordered it with blue hands.