as for the VC, lovely lovely pictures! [nt]

Jun 07, 2014,23:43 PM

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Datograph under a microscope...

 By: doobooloo : June 7th, 2014-09:28
First couple of shots with the Nanoha 4~5x "microscopic" lens, on a Sony A7R. At the higher magnification (5x) the lens actually covers the full frame sensor - which was a pleasant surprise! I was expecting it to have a much smaller image circle for APS-C...  

Spectacular shots, indeed.

 By: amanico : June 7th, 2014-09:34
Interesting to see that, even through the microscope, the finish is good. That is the ultimate test! Thanks, Nicolas

Thanks, and a few more...

 By: doobooloo : June 7th, 2014-19:57
Thanks - indeed, at this type of magnification it becomes very easy to see the difference between top-notch finishing and good finishing! A few more, should be higher quality overall than the first experimental batch. For full resolution pics (opens in ne...  

Wow!! love those close ups!

 By: jrwong23 : June 7th, 2014-20:59
Thanks for sharing them here with us. Lange's finishing is truly amazing! Cheers Robin

Great shots!

 By: KIH : June 9th, 2014-04:14
very, very nice shots indeed! Keep them coming! Ken